Friday, 5 January 2007

Back to Normal!


Here we are the 5th of January already it has gone in so fast since the turn of the year. Since I last did an entry I have been having my share of disasters. We had invited the family to a New Year / Birthday Lunch  on Wednesday. On Tuesday evening I took myself off to the kitchen to get a start made on the meal.  I was going to make a pot of soup (no. one son very fond of Mums soup) and I was also going to make a Steak Pie which is very traditional at New Year. I went and retrieved the meat from the fridge and opened it up boy oh boy was it off my goodness it was just about walking by itself to the bin.  It was dated the 4/5th Jan (think it meant this year but you could have fooled me) and I had opened it on the 2nd so it should have been OK.  I have a thermometer in the fridge so I can check everything is ok so there was no problem there. Here I am standing the kitchen the night before Stuart birthday with nothing to feed the family on.  I continued and made the soup which miraculously turned out fine and left it at that for Tuesday.  First thing on Wednesday I went to our local supermarket and bought a piece of roast for the lunch came back and guess what not enough foil to go round the roast. Managed to get it covered and popped it in the oven.  For once my guests arrived early makeup not done hair could have been doing with a hot brush as it had gone a bit limp with all the cooking, however did get there in the end.  The roast was not what I would have liked but it did the soup was great and the Sticky Toffee Cheesecake (bought in) was smashing.
Today we have taken done all the decorations etc and had a hoover round Stuart is watching the telly after having a haircut this morning. He had a pain in his chest coming back to the car walking uphill on his own and doing his usual when I am not there walking too quickly, however was  fine by the time he got home.
Tonight I am starting a new book, one that Stuart bought me at Christmas. Its a new author for me Alexander McGregor. He writes murder mystery stories.  You know how Ian Rankin (Rebus) writes about Edinburgh McGregor writes about Dundee so I think it will be very interesting to an ex Dundonian. 
Time to go now and see what I can make for the tea hope nothing else goes wrong this week but if all went well what would I write about.  Bye Bye for now.



jeadie05 said...

Back to normal ,Joan what ever poses as normal lol ,Im sure the family enjoyed the dinner ,its being all together that counts as much as any thing Jan xx

astoriasand said...

Haaaaaaaaa!! Rolling about laughing at the meat walking to the bin itself Joan Haaaaaa!! These dates as you say I sometimes wonder if these firms who make these pre-packed goods and date them,don't always know what date it is? or they are more like on fullers earth than ours LOL!! I too have had a real clearout today I had more goodies left over than Asda sell haaaaaaaaaa!! I bet the gulls on the harbour tomorrow morning think it's there birthdays Haaaaaaaa.And if any of them were out of date they might think there day has come Haaaaaaaa.OH! sorry about that one Joan,you being a bird lover.Hope Stuart doesn't have any more chest pains.Enjoy your murder book and if anyone gets strangled think its yourself getting your own back on your meat producers Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.Glad the meal went well in the end it  sounded delicious.All back to normal isn't it just wondeful (sigh).How time goes so quickly.Take care God Bless.

ally123130585918 said...

Joan sorry about your cooking disaster ~ the meal sounded good though and I just love soup ~ Isn't it nice to get the decorations down and put away for another year ~ Hope Stuart is feeling better and a very Happy belated Birthday to him ~ Ally

labdancer51 said...

Oh dear Joan, the meat shouldn`t have gone off before the sell-by date. I`m glad you managed a good meal despite everything.  I hope Stuart is feeling better after his chest pain and that he doesn`t get any more.

Sandra xxxx

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm sorry your meat went off so quickly, I'm glad you spotted it too! The soup sounded good, I love home made soup. At least you had a good day together, that's the main thing. I hope Stuart will take it easy when out on his own! I hope the year will be a good one for you! Jeannette xx  

ekgillen said...

Yikes about the meat but I am sure the soup was great!  I hope to take the Christmas decorations down this weekend and then we will also be officially back to normal. :)

sylviam4000 said...

You are not alone Joan, had to bin a pack of best back bacon yesterday: Same problem as you've experienced - dated 10th January, but the stench would have knocked a horse out!
Wishing you and Stuart a very happy and peaceful New Year.
Love Sylvia xx

jmoqueen said...

What a nightmare regarding the food ~ glad you managed to find something else though and had a good time :-)  Hope the book is good.


sarajanesmiles said...

Maybe that was all your bad luck for the year Joan, just getting it all out of the way in one week ;o)  Hope you're enjoying your new book :o)
Sara   x

cayasm said...

Thanks for the encouragement for giving up smoking, glad you managed to get everyone fed.