Saturday, 13 January 2007

Rain Rain and more Rain.


There is just not another graphic that I have that sums up this week as well as this one. It has been a terrible week it has been raining almost all week with the exception of Wednesday which was a lovely day. Even today the wind is down a bit but it is still blowing hard there are even waves on the bird bath.We have done all our usual things this week and had Ellen for the day on Tuesday, she did not go back to school till Wednesday.  She brought here scooter that Santa brought with her and it faired long enough for us to get out for a walk/scoot in the afternoon so that sort of tired her out a bit she is such a live wire its hard to keep up at times.
A few days before Christmas Stuart had an email from an old friend with whom we had lost touch about 14 years ago. He had seen an entry Stuart had made in a local birdwatching web page and put two and two together and took a chance that it was Stuart he was emailing. We arranged to meet him yesterday and sat for 3 hours chatting about this that and the other. It was great to see him again looking well as he had been ill and nearly lost his life just like Stuart.  I took a picture of the two of them together but it is blurred like my Christmas pictures were. Think I have been holding the button down too long, and that has been making the flash go off twice. Nothing else has been happening up here not been out much with all this rain and wind hoping for a better week next week.
Have booked in for a perm next week as my hair is a nightmare just now sit for ages trying to get some shape into it  in the morning and I just have to go out for two minutes and it is straight again have lasted 11 months since my last perm so have done well but January always seems to get the better of my hair.
Hospital appointment on Monday for my HRT review.Have been trying to cut down very slowly as instructed and am down to half the dose but it is very hard. I also have an appointment with Audiology to have a service on my hearing aids so will have a busy day on Monday and Tuesday.
Have been passing the time playing games on the PC but am thinking about getting another portable TV so I can get my playstation set up again.  Don't like to play it in the kitchen where our portable is set up and it is an awful scutter tuning in everytime I want to change from one to the other.
Think I have rabbited on about nothing long enough so I will close now hope you have a pleasant evening, us, we are going to watch the Harry Potter on the TV as we have not seen that particular movie so am looking forward to that.
Bye for now,



astoriasand said...

Yes Joan the graphic is very fitting for the weather in general it seems.Such a cold blustery wind here too.Happy it brightened a little so Helen could go out with you on her scooter.My Grandaughter who is five got a Bright Pink scooter for Christmas too.I think part of it lights up when she was showing me LOL!! How lovely you found Stuarts old friend,but what a shame your camera played you up and decided to blurr Grrrr doesn't it make you mad at times.I had a few like that at Christmas.Hope you get your hair sorted and all the medical appointments turn out good.I don't know how to use a playstation and we have had them yrs in the family having three boys.Guess they never had time to learn me too busy on them themselves LOL!! I might watch the Harry Potter myself this evening for a change.Take Care God Bless.

jeadie05 said...

Yes dear its been a really grim week ,the scooter sounds fun ,did you have a little go (bet you did lol ) when I moved ,(not recently ) the Doc took me off hrt ,just like that ,no weaning me off it ,Iwas ok though ,how lovely to meet up with Stuarts friend Jan xx

bobandkate said...

Hi Joan,
I love your graphic, so appropriate to our gloomy weather at the moment. Will it ever end? Nice to hear all your news and good luck with the hospital visit,

ally123130585918 said...

Joan that graphic is perfect for the weather we have been getting here as well ~ I went into the garden to feed the birds and the wind carried me over to the bird table lol ~ sounds like you had a nice day with Ellen ~ they love those scooters ~ how lovely to be in contact again with Stuarts friend after 14 years ~ Hope the hospital appointments go well ~ ~ Ally

labdancer51 said...

Hello Joan, How lovely for Stuart to meet up with an old friend after so long, they must have had so much to talk about. I love that graphic too, you might recall I have it with my name on and I`ve been using it frequently of! I`ve had enough of this horrible wet and windy weather. I would like some proper frosty winter weather if you! :o)

Sandra xxxx

jmoqueen said...

You have a playstation Joan?  What games do you play on it?  Ugh this rain is so annoying.  Luckily down here we have escaped the floods so far ~ so I feel really sorry for you guys.  Glad you've had a good week and that's great about that guy who you've not seen for 14 days.


sarajanesmiles said...

He he, I want a big sparkly umbrolly like the woman in your pic :o)  
Sara   x

irisheyes1929 said...

You may have rain, but we just got dumped on with snow!!  
Not that I mind...I love snow!

jlocorriere05 said...

That must have been nice for Stuart to hear from his old friend! I think the cold weather affects your hair, that's what my hairdresser used to tell me. I hope you got your hearing aids serviced and I hope you enjoyed Harry Potter! Jeannette xx  

ekgillen said...

Rain, rain, rain.  How very dreary.  The weather has just been freaky lately. :)