Thursday, 18 January 2007

January DOES bring the snow.


Good Morning at last we have some real winter weather its snowing heavy at the moment. It came on about 7am as far as I can make out, have just come back from our local wee shop as we were in need of milk and bread and of course a paper for Stuart, I don't think he could survive a day without one.
Have had a busy week as I told you last week with the addition of another Audiology appointment yesterday as I had to be measured up for new moulds and the audiologist did not have time on Monday when I was there.
Think I mentioned in my last entry I was going to get my Playstation out of the loft. Stuart got it down for me on Sunday but we had a lot of bother getting it tuned in to our portable always have done but this time it would not hold the signal. I had decided to get another portable just for the playstation as they are very reasonable in price nowadays so on Monday after my hospital appointments we went to the retail park a bought a nice little one. What a difference not having to trail it back and forward from the kitchen to the lounge every time we want to play.
Yesterday was having a look in the game shop not many of then stock games for PS1 nowadays but this one does used games.  I choose one a snip at £2-99 and took it to the cashier only to be told they are BOGOF just now so did'nt I do well. So with with all the games I had plus two new ones I am all set so it can be bad weather and I will not get fed up a all, not meaning to be selfish but I do love to play. Have cleared the memory card so I will have to start all the games again quite an undertaking. So off now to see how I get on with Lara Croft in Egypt, 'Tomb Raider IV' for those of you that are not as silly as me.
I have been trying to play games on the PC but online you can't save your game and it gets to me still love my Book Worm but I have that on disc so I get a save on that. Will go now bye bye,   


sarajanesmiles said...

He he, excited for you playing on your Playstation - daft me!  Loves Tomb Raider, want to come over and play!!
Sara   x

sdrogerson said...


If your PC is up to spec try Metaboli gaming it lets you play games on your PC = real ones - big ones - for a monthly rental and is great. I join every now and again to play one the games right through.

astoriasand said...

Oh! Joan I am feeling that snow coming along here now you have mentioned it is with you at last and dreading it too.Glad you managed to get to the shop and make it back safely with Sturats paper LOL!! Men what are they like for some things LOL!! I have no idea how to play the paystaition.All my kids still have one from when they were young, but they do not use them.They never had chance to teach me for playing with there friends LOL.I dont think the Grandchildren play theres  now either I remember buying them.They Prefer the computer all of them.Well glad you bagged a bargain with the games,and treat yourselk to a new TV .I too am going to get a portable flat screen this week for my kitchen.So who knows I might just beg a platstation back from one of the kids and have a go JOE .Haaaaaaaaaa Do you remember Have A Go Joe on the radio.It just came to mind LOL.keep warm and happy platstaitioning LOL!! Take Care God Bless.Hope it doesn't come too thick.It's looking pretty heavy just now here.The sky looks to be falling.

ukgal36 said...

Where in UK are you? i miss the snow!!

bobandkate said...

Hi Joan,
It snowed here this morning too, but was too wet to stay on. I think I am too close to the sea! But it was nice to watch it falling! Stay warm and enjoy your games,

msecz said...

I love to play games too.... just started with Pogo. there are many fun games in there and I have over a hundred badges so far for playing... fun thing to do on these cold winter days too. Sandra

jeadie05 said...

Lovely to hear from you ,all your news ,Do you like snow ? Idont ! well done on you games I had to think about BOGOF ,thought the shop had told you to bog off ..Durr ..Im losing it I think lol .love Jan xx

catmayben said...

Hi Joan, I bet the snow doesnt half look pretty. I hate cold stuff though. Today in Burnley we had strong gale force winds, a lot of trees have come down, cars crushed, roofs blown off etc. The shop sign at the place I work broke loose so we had to get security to remove it before it fell and killed somebody. Then the electrics went on the blink on and off. Fortunately when I got home we had had no structural damage.
I've never got into playing games like you, prefer a crossword or sudoku. Maybe I should give it a go someday.
Love Cathy.  xxx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan I hope that snow you are having do'es not stop you going out ~ I know how much you enjoy your outings ~ glad you got another portable for your playstation you did well getting bargain priced games ~ now you can play them at your hearts content ~ Hope you are having a good weekend ~ Ally

ekgillen said...

We've had quite a bit of snow lately and expect more tonigt!  Welcome to winter. :)