Monday, 1 January 2007

A New Year.


Good Evening, just a quick entry in the hope you are all having a great New Year's Day. No surprise to say that Stuart and I have been out birdwatching today in the cold and wind and made a great start to our year we hope it continues. The wind has subsided somewhat after yesterdays storms. When we were out today were driving along this narrow road and the pictures above tell it all we had to turn back. In all my years on the road this is the first time I have ever seen a fallen tree across the road. I am very glad it happened before we got arrived.  Hope you enjoy your evening.        Love


astoriasand said...

Oh! Dear Joan,doesn't that wind just do some great damage.I too am happy you didn't arrive when this tree was being felled by the storm.You have more courage than me to go out in the wind at all.Something I hate to do.I hope you had a lovely Christmas and A Happy New Year to you once again.I look forward to more of your entries in 2006.Thankyou for visiting my journals and all your kind words.
Take Care God Bless.

jeadie05 said...

Oh yes Joan ,I bet there are many trees down today ,I'm pleased  it happened before you arrived too ,Old mother nature certainly celebrated the new year last night in her own sweet way Jan xx

bobandkate said...

I saw pictures on the BBC news of a tree down in Arbroath Joan. It had smashed on top of a moving car. The driver escaped with minor injuries, but it looked horrendous. Hope you have a lovely day,

sarajanesmiles said...

Poor tree :o(
Am glad it happened before you got there too though!
Sara   x

jlocorriere05 said...

The wind can do so much damage, I'm glad you weren't in the trees way when it fell! I hope the weather clears and the winds drop for you. Have a lovely year out watching your birds! Jeannette xx  

jmoqueen said...

This weather is ridiculous isn't it??  Happy new year to you and your family xx


ekgillen said...

Happy New Year Joan!!!