Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter


Good Afternoon, first of all I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter. Its a lovely day here but much colder than of late. Fine day for washing but not sitting out,cold wind.
Have had a very busy week with the weather being so nice and warm hottest in the land last week  most unusual but much appreciated, we have been really busy in the garden, you know the saying make hay while the sun shines well we have really made the most of this week. Our garden is looking a picture already grass is cut edges done  weeding done general spruce up new cover put on mini greenhouse and we have also had time to sit and enjoy it too.
Finished my Mathew Reilly book if aybody likes a non stop adventure story he's your man it was unputdownable as they say on covers, but very true in this case have bought another three of his books ready to go when I can stand the pace again.  Have also read Violets are Blue, James Patterson one that I had missed for some reason that was most unusual and I enjoyed it too. So all in all a busy time was had by this retired lady.  Have not been on the PC much have been trying to stay away a bit but have been reading, but not commenting much on journals but will try to get back to it now that the garden is well on its way to being a peaceful haven LOL.  Well I think I had better away and see what Stuart is up to I think he is watching cycling at the moment its a big day  for him sportswise he had a Motor GP this morning followed by The Tour of Flanders Cycle race this afternoon and the Masters Golf tonight. Thank goodness for portable TV's.  Have a great day. LOve,






ukgal36 said...

Lovely to hear from you Joan.. Happy Easter to you and yours..enjoyt the lovely weather!

jeadie05 said...

Very well done Joan ,you have been constructive ,instead of sitting at the PC LOL,I have just recently discovered James Patterson ,have just read his ..Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas ,very sad but very  readable Jan xx

cayasm said...

I'm a big James Patterson fan have read everything, I'm reading Kathy Reichs who I discovered about 2 yrs ago, glad to see theres some online as much as i am lol and I agree thank god for portable tvs

Happy Easter



ally123130585918 said...

Glad you had some good weather Joan and could get out into your garden ~ sounds like you are making a very good job of it as well ~ Stuart must be enjoying his TV with all the sport going on at the moment ~ I enjoyed the Boad Race yesterday and racing this morning ~ that was exciting ~ Hope you are having a Happy Easter Sunday ~ Ally x~

bronny42 said...

Hi Joan glad that you have managed already to get your garden in order.  We have also managed to get planting, and most of the hanging baskets are ready and all of the pots now have new plants in them.  Should be a clourful display in a few months. The weather here in Chepstow  is beautiful, All the family been to-day and the dinner went down a treat. no Idris and I are really tired. Enjoy your books. bye for now Kathie.

labdancer51 said...

Hello Joan,  I`ve been doing my garden lately too and am very pleased with the results. Luckily the weather is lovely here and hopefully it will stay that way a while longer so I can sit out and enjoy the sunshine.  A very Happy Easter to you both. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm so glad you had good weather for getting out and getting the garden done Joan. When I had a garden I'd fret till I could grt out and tidy up in spring. I hope you're having a great Easter! Jeannette xx  

sarajanesmiles said...

You have been keeping busy :o)
Hope you're having a lovely Easter, enjoying the sunshine in your lovely garden.
Sara   x

jmoqueen said...

Glad you are keeping busy and sounds like you are making the most of the lovely weather.  Mmmm..........might have to check out that book :-)


astoriasand said...

Hi Joan,
Sounds you have been busy all around planting reading etc.Isn't it just lovely to get out in the sunshine and the garden.I miss mine so much ,but I am enjoying all the pictures of others gardens from J/Land friends.You enjoy your books and keep smiling.Comments can wait haa.ENJOY whatever you wish.I hope Stuart enjoyed his TV too LOL.Back to normal now after the Easter Break,catching up on all the missed alerts (phew ) it's hard work at times lol.I hope you had a lovely Easter.Take Care God bless,