Sunday, 15 April 2007

Good Morning.


Good Morning, What a wonderful morning it is here again I cannot believe its only April we have been sitting out having coffee, lunch and whatever all week it has been superb.
Not been at my best these last few days after getting through the winter cold and flu free I now have a dreadful cough thanks to our darling granddaughter she had this on her last visit before she went on holiday. The news from Cyprus is it has been cloudy but is now getting better haven't we been lucky.
Finished 'Contest By Matthew Reilly' what a great book this is the second one of his I have read and I am exhausted after it as it is no stop action all the way. He never uses two words when one will do. Great stuff.
As you will see from my side bar I have started putting I a picture of what I am reading at the moment so you will see I have started another P.J. Tracy thriller, this again is the second one of their books I have read I say their as they are a mother and daughter team P.J. is Mum and Tracy is the daughter they live in different states in the US and do all their writing on the phone. Again its all action stuff, I do like authors that get on with the story.
Stuart has his sport again today Paris Marathon + Grand Prix+Paris Roubaix cycle race, he'll be tired after that lot.
Me, well the washing is ready to go out and the coffee pot awaits Italian Filter today lovely. Have a lovely Sunday.                           Love



edwardssoapy said...

Hope you make a speedy recovery from your cold. They sound like very interesting books to read. I like books that are gripping from beginning to end. Last summer I read the 'Alex Rider' series by Anthony Horowitz. They were fabulous, couldn't put 'em down.

Have a good week.

Best wishes,
Leigh :-)"

cayasm said...

Good morning Joan. I agree the weater has been fabulous hooefully it will continue I'm a great fan of PJ Tracey having read all teir books, Im reading Harlen Coben he's a great triller writer. Hope your cold gets better



jeadie05 said...

Oh bless your little Granddaughter for sharing her cold with you ,hope it clears up soon ,Yes its lovely here today too ,its been a lovely week ,cant wait to finish this comment lol to see which books you reccomend,love Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan glad you are having some good weather and can sit outside and enjoy your coffee ~ It has been lovely here as well ~ sorry you have a cough your little one was so kind to pass it on to you :o( ~ Stuart will have a lovely day in front of the Tele ~ so much sport going on at the moment hope he dosn't overtire himself ~ beautiful drying weather my washing is just about dry now must go get it in ~ Ally x

msecz said...

I 'm glad you enjoyed your book. Thats a good passtime. I love to read too. hope the cold you caught goes away soon and you are enjoying your beautiful weather. I can't wait until we get some sitting outside days too.

aniracj said...

Sorry to hear you've not been 100%, hope you are better now. It is so very hot here today......too hot for me so I am in the conservatory at the back of the bungalow which is now quite shaded at this time of day. I love the sun but just cannot stand the heat!!

bronny42 said...

Hi Joan sorry about your cold the grandchildren do like sharing things don't they.  The weather has been wonderful.  I am enjoying evey minute of it.  Enjoy your coffe and lastest book. Kathie.

astoriasand said...

well Joan you are enjoying your reading by the sounds of it lately.Almost as much as your playstation is it? LOL.I am not a big reader but it's good you can reccomend some good reads for others and what a great idea putting the books in your side bar.Sorry you havn't felt to good latley.I do hope you get well soon and that retched cough soon goes.I hope Stuart enjoyed his cycling pograms LOL.The weather has been scorching here too.We are lucky yes at this time of year.Take Care.God Bless.

jmoqueen said...

That's a great idea putting a pic of what you are reading at the moment in the sidebar ~ might have to copy that idea from you ;-)  Great that you are making the most of the weather.  Hope your feeling okay now xx


sarajanesmiles said...

As soon as I'm finished reading journals, I'm off out into the garden, to sit and read my book I think.  Yeah, can't be bothered to clean today, it's too nice out :o)  Thanks for the idea!
Sara   x