Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Year What Celebrations?


Good afternoon, sitting here wondering what I am going to write today my first entry of the New Year.

The New Year is such a non event nowadays compared with what it was a few years back. I commented in young Leigh’s journal yesterday saying I thought a lot of the New Years demise is due to the big street parties in the big cities. In today’s paper one of the columnist was saying the same thing. We used to spend the New Year with our families and our neighbours. Yesterday I only say one person passing our window all day I see more than that on a normal day (the chap did not even have a coat on and it was pouring rain). We used to visit neighbours with our shortbread and our bottle of whatever and had a great time staying a while with each one now all that has gone.

In the past year especially we have been hearing so much about global warming and trying to save our planet. I am not trying to be a spoilsport but do you really think that sending millions of pounds worth of fireworks into the sky is helping I don’t think so, I think not only is it causing more pollution it is also a terrible waste of money. Its not only this country that does this it now seems to be the norm I think the money could well be spent in more beneficial ways. I don’t suppose anyone will agree with me but these are my thoughts.

Poor Stuart not only has he got this shoulder/neck pain but today he has added toothache to his list of woos as well, poor Stu he is having an awful time hopefully he will get an appointment tomorrow with our dentist.

Normally by now we have been out for a long walk and started our New Year of bird watching but with the weather not being very good and Stuart being under the weather we have not been out yet other than me walking round for a paper this morning I could not persuade Stuart to come with me which is very unusual hope things will improve after he sees the dentist. One thing the pain killers will have two jobs to do now hope they are up to it and know where to go.

I think that’s about it for today so till next time, Love


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sdrogerson said...

Agree - what happened to our New Year?

edwardssoapy said...

Dear Joan.  

Fancy that person not wearing a coat in the pouring rain.  He must've been nuts!  My grandmother says, there will be a lot of arthritis around in years to come.

Sorry to hear that Stuart not only has a bad shoulder and neck, but has toothache too.  Hope you can get an appointment for him with the dentist.  Toothache is a hell of a thing!  I have my annual appointment this week."

jeadie05 said...

I agree about the fireworks ,so sorry poor Stuart is still suffering ,I am reading ,Minnette Walters ,The Sculptress ,having enjoyed The Ice House to read your new look book journal .cos Im your biggest fan lol Jan xx

cayasm said...

New Year and Christmas are not the same all the old traditions have all but died off. Sorry to hear Stuart has toothache(to my mind nothing worse), hopefully the dentist will be able to remedy that soon.
I have already commented on your other blog.
Take care

astoriasand said...

Hi Joan,No New Years Eve is not the same and hasn't been for a few yrs now I don't think.It was always fancy dress time for us.My albums are full of snaps of the by gone NYE outings we have had .My Son tells me knowone goes out much now due to the new none smoking policy in public houses etc,prices of the drinks and trouble with gangs.They had a party at home for friends.I must admit I have gone out in all weathers half undressed over the years LOL!! My mother used to say you will be crippled with arthritis when you get older.How right  she was LOL!!OUCH.So sorry to read poor Stuarts still in pain.Toothache and Earache are the worst.You are very very lucky you have a dentist.We cannot get one here for love nor money they are all fully registered and not taking on new pacients any more.A very big shortage round our area.I am happy mine keep good.Thugh if not I would have to travel to my old one I think 80miles.I agree with the fireworks .Yes they are nice to see, but they do frighten animals and more worthy causes need the money."Happy New Year " once again to you and Stuart and your family and thankyou for your kind words yesterday.Take Care God Bless Kath
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aniracj said...

Hiya, happy new year!! Yep New Year celebrations are definitely demising......just read my band journal to see what happened to us on New Years Eve....... it was the worst NYE we have ever had!!! Hope 2008 brings you a lot better year than 2007 was!! love Joan.

mariealicejoan said...

There is nothing worse than a toothache.  I hope Stuart gets it sorted soon!  I cannot ever remember having fireworks as a child except maybe in the Nation's capitol on Canada day.  I think they are more common now.  It does seem a sacriledge to be spending that kind of money on such a thing when it could be better spent on the roads, or in the hospitals, and I shudder to think of what it does to the atmosphere.  Life was simpler years ago, but is so many ways it was better.  

jmoqueen said...

Awww poor Stuart what a horrible way to see in the new year :(  I think you are right regarding fireworks but they are pretty to watch sometimes.  Why can't they ban selling them to the general public and then we could just have the odd one or two displays coz it would be a shame if they went completely.  Hope 2008 is getting better for you xx