Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sunday Afternoon.


Good Afternoon, it is another lovely day here lovely sunshine a bit cold but for February its wonderful weather.

We were out on Valentines Day and I took the picture at the top thinking it was very fitting for the occasion. We were having a wee run in the car and the usual coffee and a home made scone at a nice place we know.

We were going to be having another of my walks today but unfortunately the batteries in my camera packed up after just three pictures. I put the batteries in the day before but they obviously had not been charged properly as I only took about 12 pictures with them when the died on me. Stuart is getting the blame as he keeps switching the batteries off at night when they are charging up then I think they are ready and unplug them. I will take some of the blame as I should carry my spares in my pocket and I always forget. To make matters worse that day I had offered Stuart the other camera but he said he would just stick to his binoculars or we could have taken some photos with my old Nikon.

We have been watching the World Biathlon Championships this last week from Sweden they have been very exciting with many close races. Unfortunately UK don’t do well at all at this event don’t think our skiers start young enough to be able to compete with the Scandinavians the Germans and the other winter sports countries.

Am going to have a little rant now…. I was wondering what BBC were going to show next Saturday instead of The One and Only. Starting in the afternoon they are showing Three yes Three rugby matches back to back with only a break for the news then we are having Match of the Day after that. How’s that for Saturday evening viewing I think its absolutely appalling and they wonder why people say that there is far to much sport on telly. What do you think about this or is it just me?

I think that’s about it for today so till next time.

Love  Joan.          


cayasm said...

Nice picture and yes very fitting for Valentines, as for Sport I just thank god I'm not running a pub anymore otherwise I would be forced to watch all of that. TV in general is quite poor at the weekends.

Enjoy your Sunday


jeadie05 said...

Are the couple in your picture tipping over ? it is lovely isnt it ?So pleased to see an entry from you after some false alarms lol ,And yes I heartely agree about the sheduled programming next Saturday on TV ,We dont all watch sport not all day anyway ,Thank heaven for Sky ,Oh I was very good yesterday and didnt buy a single book ,but I popped over to our local Rainbow (co op) this morning for cranberry juice for Maurice ,and succumbed to a Harlan Coben ....''Fade away ''£1.99....havent read any of his books but Yasmin highly recommends him Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Oh Joan I love your picture very fitting for Valentines day ~ and I do so agree about the sport programs ~ we get DVD's in for the weekends because TV is so bad ~ Ally x

jmoqueen said...

Trina was just saying yesterday that Saturday Night TV was rubbish!!  Personally I don't watch much TV on a Saturday apart from Casualty but I'm guessing that's not on either?  With Ant and Dec back the BBC can't seriously think they will compete??  Strange.......................Glad your ok xx  Love the picture and shame you didn't take the camera with you on your time huh??


mariealicejoan said...

You are so right about Saturday night telly!  Sports enthusiast I am NOT!  :-)  Your Valentines drive sounds lovely.  That's a very fitting picture, very loving looking.  My camera doesn't seem to warn me when it is low on batteries.  It just says low battery and shuts down.  Very annoying!  I think I need to carry some extra batteries around with me all the time.  That way I'll never get caught short!

jennyp51 said...

Telly seems to get worse and worse and saturday night's are dire.  Only Ant and Dec to look forward to.
Jenny <><

kirkbyj05 said...

Now then are right to have a little rant.  I don't mind watching a bit of rugby but not THAT much!
It's beyond the pale.
I like athletics  and gymnastics and I too enjoy watching the World Biathlon Championships, but missed quite a bit of it.
Bryan does exactly the same with my camera battery charger.  He switches it off when he comes to bed and the batteries trickl out again by morning.  I have told him many times but he is on automatic pilot at the end of the day.  lol!
Thanks for stopping by today...glad you liked the photos.
Jeanie xxx

jodimaiden said...

Hi Joan, Thanks for comment on my photo challenge entry. I love your photo's I hope you dont mind but I have added you to my blogs list.
Hugs Diane xx

irisheyes1929 said...

I'm sorry about the camera troubles.
There certainly is a lot of sporting events going on!  During the American Football Season there are games all day Sunday, Monday nights, and sometimes Thursday nights.  Daily baseball from March through October...yeah there are a lot of televised sports!!