Friday, 8 February 2008


Thank you Donna for this graphic.

Good Evening, that was the week that was all the appointments are done and we are free again for another wee while. I have a dentist next week but that’s all. I had an appointment with the doctor this week and she has given me some new pills not HRT for my hot turn so here’s hoping they work.

Weather wise it has been a great week for February temperatures have been well up for this time of year. Today was lovely and sunny but there was a stiff breeze blowing, still you can’t have it all ways.

Stuart is busy upstairs with some new download from AOL and seems to be having problems he went up to do his Soduko while I was making the tea and never made it onto the net by the time I called him down to eat here’s hoping it goes better this time as he has just gone up again.

Not got much to say other than I hope you have a good weekend. Till next time. Love


There’s a new entry in my book journal pop across if you are a reader.


labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan, I`m glad you have got some new pills, I hope they make you feel lots better. I love the graphic, its really beautiful. Have a lovely weekend. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

astoriasand said...

Hello again Joan.I do hope the medication the Doc gave you helps more and now you can have some good nights rest withhout the flushes.Grrr.Yes the weather has been sunny here today lots of visitors around too.I hope Stuart manages to get the problem sorted out and can get back online Grrr isn't it a pest at times so annoying.Have  alovely week/end Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

jeadie05 said...

Yes yet another week gone whatever did I do with it ? I havent bought a single book all week lol ..lots of love Jan xx

sylviam4000 said...

I'm having problems with aol as well - their broadband is a joke. Only getting 1mb speed. Dial up was quicker. Take care, have a lovely weekend.
Love Sylvia xx

jennyp51 said...

I used to read all the time now i cannot seem to concentrate any more and just fall asleep.  I miss reading a good book.
Jenny <><

cayasm said...

AOL has been slow today but I haven't downloaded the new AOL connectivity services yet, anyway...... Glad you been having nice weather it's been nice down here too though a bit cold.

Have a good weekend


kirkbyj05 said...

I just bought myself a fan on a stand for my hot flushes Joan.
Glad to read you are not taking hormones for them. I took hormones, eostrogen, for 8years little knowing that I would get breast cancer which just thrived on eostrogen.  I never realised the damage they can do to some.  I can't complain because I called them my 'Happy Pills'whilst I took them.  
Eostrogen is certainly the feel good factor hormone.
Now I take a pill to get rid of it and in came the waves of hot flushes...oh well!
Its better than the alternative for sure.
Glad you had a decent week.  I'm still waiting for sunshine or just a bit of blue sky.
Stay well....
Jeanie xxxxx

jmoqueen said...

eeek the dentist :(  I hate that word!!  lol.........glad your week wasn't too bad hope the new pills work.


jlocorriere05 said...

I hope the new pills work for you Joan, I rather like my hot flushes ~ I can't stand being cold! Lol! Just got back online after two weeks with no internet! Jeannette xx  

mariealicejoan said...

WE had a lovely day here today and it was fine yesterday as well.  I wonder how long it will be before the rain moves back in though!  It has been nice these past couple of days and I have really enjoyed them!

irisheyes1929 said...

Weather is frigid here.
Last night we had windchills are -40F.  F and C are about the same at that cold!!  BRR!  Hoo-rahs for Minnesota!