Friday, 1 February 2008

Good Morning


Good Morning, Stuart off to art class doing what he does there me sitting with a coffee latte that I have just made it’s a treat as I try to stick to black coffee for the weight problem its just a little thing but it keeps the calories down a bit.

Not a great deal going on here with the bad weather it has been a terrible week or two. Yesterday we had snow on and off all day but not staying unfortunately I miss not having snow at this time of year. When I had to travel to work it seemed it was always snowing now I can relax about it we don’t get any. Today is very windy with an odd snowflake or two and very cold with a north wind.

We went to St Andrews on Monday as it was a dry, fairly mild day, it was our first trip to the coast this year. Tuesday it poured rain all day. Wednesday we were lucky as we had to go to Perth shopping and to collect Ellen. She is busy just now with a project at school on the Antarctic so when we got home Stuart and I were helping get some information and photographs off the net, one thing lead to another and she asked Grandpa about Titanic that lead to the Queen Mary and QE2 etc a lesson on the plimsoll line, she was totally engrossed with it all. The net is so good for children and makes explaining things so much easier than it was when her Dad was a lad.

I wrote a new entry last night but I must have press the wrong button somewhere on this keyboard that I still find a bit strange and lost half of it so I am being most careful this morning.

I have updated my book journal if you are interested will leave the link at the end. Sorry there are no pictures today there has just not been anything that has caught my eye this week hope I get some good shots next week but I know we have a lot of doctors and hospital appointments next week a really busy week for us. Till next time I hope you all have a lovely weekend.





jeadie05 said...

Hi Joan ,yes the weather has been atrocious hasnt it ? your history sessions with Ellen sound interesting and yes the net is a useful tool ,as much as you think you know on a subject,there is always more to find out and its fun to see it all through our Grandchilrens eyes ,Off to see what you have been reading now Jan xx

aniracj said...

According to the forecast (how often is it right though) Scotland is due 20cm of snow....methinks the odd flake or two won't deliver that amount!!! Have a nice day, luv Joan

edwardssoapy said...

Hi Joan.

I agree, the weather has been horrible this week.  Yesterday with the howling wind and lashing rain, I was blown around from class to class in school.  

I love the subject of History.  I find it very intersting indeed how the world has revolved into what it is today.  In fact, I studied History for GCSE.

The Internet is a very powerful source of intellect.  I think it ia amazing that you can just type a few words into a search engine.  Then, up pops lots of results.  How reliable is the information online, though?"

cayasm said...

Hi Joan the weather has been poor here as well but no snow yet!, the internet is a great source of information for kids and adults alike. I wrote one entry three times last week and it kept

Have a good weekend


ally123130585918 said...

Joan the weather has been dreadful here as well ~ but we havn't had any snow yet ~ thank goodness ~ Isn't it lovely you can get so much information off the net  and that Ellen was so interested in it all ~ you sound like you have a busy week ahead of you next week with Doctors and Hospital appointments I hope they all go well ~ Ally x

astoriasand said...

Hi Joan the weather here is terrible brrrr gale force winds and snow.Many roads blocked it's been on the news tonight.Oh dear I have had to send Rooster out for extra things.Stocke dup on bread an dmilk.The usual trucks havn't turned up today at somerfields across the road.Roads too bad. Poor things I feel sorry for the truck drivers.Many lorries stuck up an down on the motorways and country lanes leading here to our Coast.Humber bridge closed to high vehicles..It looks lovely on postcards thats all.I'm not in the mood for making snowmen LOL!!Gad stuart has been able to get out to his art class.You having your lovely cooffee inside is the best place today I feel.I too have a new hkeyboard but I couldn't get used to it Koan so I have installed my old one back lol!! Have a lovely weekend I hope your weather stays fine.Hope my pooter lasts out .I have just been disconnected again it may be the weather.I hope so.Take Care God Bless Kath

mariealicejoan said...

WE had a lovely sunny day here yesterday, although it was quite cool.  We did not get the snow like they did up north.  I know it is treacherous and bad for those who are on the roads, but it is so lovely to be cosied up indoors with a hot cuppa and watching it from the safety of the windows of our home.  I do miss snow.

jmoqueen said...

I wish we could have snow!!  They said we might get some a 40% chance......It would never be as good as the snow I remember we had in the 80's when I was a kid and went sledging :o)  I like snow!!  Good ol' grandad helping with the homework..............I bet that was interesting


kirkbyj05 said...

Well...we grandparents come in handy..don't we?  Well done Stuart.
I am thinking of doing a course on painting.  It would give me apush to get a move on and use my many paints I was given for retirement.
As for weather?
When I asked my daughter, who lives in the borders, how her weather was she said we are the hole in the middle of the polo mint Mum.   I rather liked that description as we too missed most of the heavy snow fall here in the Lakes.  Thank goodness!  Its on the fells and that's where it can stay.  It looks beautiful from down here.  Sometimes AOL refresh the page and it swipes some of my work.  Maybe that's what is happening to yours?
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.