Thursday, 21 February 2008


Good Evening, been a wild and windy day here not cold but not nice either. What to say tonight, not much going on we still cannot get out into the garden as it is still to cold and wet. We were set the other day but sunshine but freezing so we will just have to wait till the weekend forecast is not bad but that could change before then.

We had Ellen yesterday and I am still trying to teach her to crochet has anyone got any tip how to teach a six and a half year old to crochet as I am getting nowhere with it and she is so keen to learn and I am being my patient best honest I am.

Stuart had one of his tired days yesterday but insisted on going shopping in Perth. We should not have gone as he had a miserable day and we then had to sit and wait to collect Ellen from school. Once we had her with us he bucked up a bit and the did the homework as usual. Glad to say today he is back to normal so hopefully he will be fine now.

Have been watching Emmerdale tonight it was so sad won’t say too much in case you have recorded it.

I don’t think I can pad this entry out anymore so I will just say goodnight and God Bless. Love


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labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,

I`m glad to hear that Stuart is feeling better today, I`m sure the weather yesterday didn`t help. I`ll bet Ellen had something to do with his feeling better too.
I`ve been doing a bit of gardening here and there, just a bit because I get too cold after a while but I can`t wait to get out there and get things sorted out properly. Like you I`m hopeful for the weekend.

Love Sandra xxxx

carolelainedodd said...

It's been like that here today as well, weather wise.
I think everyone is ready now for springtime and some better weather.
I watched Emmerdale tonight for the first time in months, and it was very sad indeed.
Enjoy what's left of your evening.

kirkbyj05 said...

I learnt to crochet as a child about the same age as Ellen.  We began with a single chain turning back on itself and linking up with the first stitch.  This created a circle and we just carried on until the circle got bigger or we ran out of wool.  As we got older we were taught how to count the chain and then turn the circle into a square by adding corners equally spaced.  
We had a joyous time as children sitting on the pavement in the sunshine racing each other to see who could make the biggest shawl or blanket eventually.
Good luck with teaching Ellen.  She will always remember you for this, that's for sure.
OUr weather is dreich too Joan.  After we had such lovely blue skies recently.  Such a shame.
Ah well!
Soon....spring will be here.  Hang on in there.
Jeanie xxx

jeadie05 said...

I dont know what I can say to help you with Ellens crochet lesson,unless its to say for a start you hold the hook like a soup spoon ,with right hand then thread yarn through fingers on left .I read your other jounal Jan xx

cayasm said...

I learned crochet a long time ago, but have now skills now to offer i'm afraid, the weather here today wet and windy and has turned very cold, Glad Stuart bucked up a bit, and managed to get the homework finished lol

Take care


adlessor said...

Glad to  hear that Stuart felt better later in the day.   Good luck teaching Ellen to
crochet, just work for short periods of time, as to keep her interest.  
She will always remember you spending the time with her and for teaching her to crochet.   Dawn

mariealicejoan said...

Oh, I admire your patience in teaching Ellen to crochet.  I don't think I could do it!  I taught myself when I was 16.  My mother was a knitter.  Sorry to hear that Stuart was feeling poorly again!  glad to hear he is now back to normal.  I am so thankful that I haven't gotten into Emmerdale,  One vice, Corry Street, is enough for me.  I don't think Todd could tolerate any more soap addictions than that! lol

ekgillen said...

No tips on the crochet~I'm 35 and I can't do it! :)

irisheyes1929 said...

Just try to get her to do some repetition as much as possible.  Repetition is the best memory/learning tool.  Perhaps, have her try to explain it to you as best she can.  Sometimes teaching opens doors.

Keep well you two!!

irisheyes1929 said...

Just try to get her to do some repetition as much as possible.  Repetition is the best memory/learning tool.  Perhaps, have her try to explain it to you as best she can.  Sometimes teaching opens doors.

Keep well you two!!

ukgal36 said...

I used to love Emmerdale Annie still in it??...always makes me think of my mum emmerdale does...that and crossroads and Coronation street....LOL oh and dickson of dock green....

jennyp51 said...

I used to watch all the soaps  but one day i gave them all up and haven't watched any for years now.
Jenny <><