Wednesday, 21 June 2006



Hi, here we are at the Midsummer Solstice and as usual on this day in Scotland it is pelting rain again and this year we have a gale with it.  Really feeling cheesed off today. We were in Perth shopping and it was not too bad it stayed fair but blowing a bit then on our way home the rain came down and it is really wild out there now.  We do not live far away from Perth only 18miles but we are another valley and it seems like another planet some days.  Saw the racing from Ascot when we came in and it looks so lovely there with all the grand hats and dresses good job its not up here or they would all have gone home by now. What a rant I have had did not mean to bore you all but this really got to me its been raining since Sunday and its like four wasted summer days.                                                                                I had a real disaster the other night when I was cooking the tea.  I was making a white sauce and needed to give it a blitz with the mixer I was whizzing away with my right hand and stretched out with my left to get a plate to put the dirty mixer down on, knocked down and broke a lovely little china bowl that I loved, tried to catch the second one missed the bowl  the white sauce hit the floor ran all down the door the table the wall and was all over the floor.  I do not swear but I am glad there was nobody else around to hear me that day. What a mess I had to clean up it was so sloppy on the cloth it took me ages and I nearly but not quite burned the rest of the tea.  Well I'm off to try to make a better job tonight and I'll try not to break anything today. Have a nice evening Love



jeadie05 said...

Oh Joan how awful for you ,no wonder you said some words,we arent allowed to know ! .....Hope today goes better ,and the sun soon shines for you .........Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  what a rotten time of it you`ve been having.  The bad weather is never good for our morale and at Midsummer...well!  What a shame about the sauce making incident, one thing always leads to another doesn`t it?  I hope the weather improves soon and that you feel better generally.  Take care. :o)

Sandra xxxx

haileen2003 said...

Hello! Joan...our weather very mixed since Saturday, but no sunshine. Have had the Heating on last two nights, but only for a short while.
Shame about the breakage, and the cleaning up...things like that happen to me. Dropped my evening meal on the floor in the kitchen on Monday night.

jlocorriere05 said...

Why is it we always break the bits we love?! I hope you had more success cooking tea tonight! We have the gales without the rain so it's not quite so bad here. It's been very cold today though, not a bit like summer! The nights start drawing in now and I suppose it's all downhill to winter! Jeannette xx  

adlessor said...

Sorry about your rainy weather and breaking your bowl.  Just not your week.     Hope it's better for the weekend.     Dawn