Monday, 19 June 2006

My Singer is back.


Good  Afternoon, first of all I would like to thank you all on behalf of Stuart for all your good wishes and prayers, glad to say he is back to his old self and my singer is back.  Stuart is a singer well, he thinks he is and sings all the time, when upstairs, in the morning getting showered etc and he was so quiet yesterday it seemed so strange.  Still can't make out what causes these tired days as we can be busy the day before or do nothing it does not seem to matter.  Were out this morning for coffee and a read of the daily paper  just to get out of the house for a while as it is raining on and off today but not cold at least. Thought today I might amuse you with the story of my spec chain.  First of all you need to know that I hate spec chains in any form don't know what ist is about them but I hate them.  About 20years ago I was wearing two pairs of specs you need to know that as it helps with the story.  Now we have been married for over 40 years and Stu is good at gift giving always remembers without prompting all the occasions but on this occasion he got it very very wrong.  It was my birthday and he came in with my pressie all wrapped up in a jewellery box. I opened it up nice and slowly in anticipation and yes you've guessed it was a spec chain gold plated and very nice but it was still a spec chain.  I am embarrassed to tell you I took one look at it and burst into tears and not with laughter.  I never used the chain and put it away in the bottom of my jewellery box. Stuart never understood why I was so upset the fact was, I felt I was far to young to wear one. Well over the years it became a joke between us and we have had many a laugh about it.  Nowadays as you know I have a pair of specs for the computer or if I am reading a great deal and I keep leaving them down beside the PC and have to run upstairs to get them or I leave them downstairs when I come up to read email and journals or am going to bed and have to go down to get them. I think you all know what I am going to say next, last night I went to my jewellery box and got out the spec chain that I still hate and put in on my reading specs, so no more running up and downstairs for me so as I sit here at the keyboard with my spec chain round my neck you can just imagine this old lady.  Hope I have given you something to smile or laugh about for a while. Bye for now  Love



msecz said...

actually that was a nice gift wasn't it? I used to wear them but now need my glasses all the time so I always know where they are now..... I bet he thought he was being very clever and thoughtful when he bought yours too..... hope that didn't stop him from buying you gifts.... most of the time now I get money and have to buy my own   :(  Sandra

jlocorriere05 said...

I expect Stuart knew that one day you'd finally get to use the spec chain. I bought one recently but I find it so irritating on the back of my neck! Glad you've got your singer back today! Jeannette xx  

ally123130585918 said...

Glad Stuart is back to his Normal happy self ~ and feeling better ~ Glad you are making use of "the spec chain" Oh I wouldn't be without mine ~ but be careful for some reason I seem to get hooked up on things with mine lol ~ don't ask me how I manage to do that but I do ~ How lovely that Stu remembers all your anniversaries ~ Ally

aniracj said...

We got a specs chain for Rob so he did not keep losing his specs!!! Trouble is he then lost his specs and the chain......he forgot he had the chain on his specs, took said specs off and left them at a club a few months ago!!! I've lost track of the number of times we have had to travel back to clubs to get his specs!!!

astra1547 said...

hi Joan..

so glad Suart is better...take care!


labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  I`m glad Stuart is feeling much better today and is back singing again! :o)    I loved your story, it certainly made me smile.  I didn`t wear specs when I was younger but would probably have been mortified had Jim bought one as a present!  I now have a special cord so I don`t lose my specs, well that`s what`s supposed to happen.  I was always putting them down and forgetting where they were,  Jim was fed-up with it so he brought home several of them.  The trouble is I still take them off, cord and all and STILL forget where I`ve put `! :o)

Sandra xxxx

haileen2003 said...

Pleased to hear Stuart is feeling better!
Don't mention Glasses...I am the worst, for not knowing where they are.
As my House is on four floors, you can imagine me not knowing if to go up or down to find them (lol)
Take care

jeadie05 said...

Iam so pleased you have your singer back Joan ..(Ithought you were going to tell us your sewing machine had been repaired lol durr),How lovely of Stuart to remember aniversarys and things ,I wear my specs all the time unless I'm wearing my contact lenses ,,when I need glasses to read ,so then suffer  the same problems as you ,.......Jan xx