Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Visit to the Doctors



       Good Afternoon, I was at the doctors this morning it was his turn to take my blood pressure I have to go to the nurse and then 3 months later the doctor.  I drove myself this morning big mistake as I could not get parked and had to wait till somebody came out of the surgery. I was not all that early for my appointment as they are always running late. Fortunately I got there in time.  Our surgery is modern building its about 12 years old and very nice too in the winter but in the summer its a nightmare. It has a glass roof all very nice but it get like a hothouse in the warm weather, so with my hot flushing I have a great time.  As you know I have trouble with my hearing so I put both my aids in this morning as the doctors call us from 3 different doors two in front of you and one behind and they seem to like to keep you name secret as they whisper it when they call you.  I have to listen so hard not to miss my name that by the time I get taken I am up to high doh and beyond so as you will have guessed my BP was way up again. I think I told you two weeks ago when I was at the PRI for my HRT all was well.  Its so annoying as I now have to have blood taken and all the test done on that then go to the Hypertension clinic to have my BP taken again and if its not down 'they will have to do something about it' doctor said. Please not more pills as I have to take three for it every day as it is  so am totally fed up today and to think I was feeling fine before I went. Next time I have to have my BP checked I will get Stu to go with me and he can listen for me so I will not have to worry about that at least.


There is a new channel starting on Satellite on 1st July called TV movies 24 its on channel 329 on sky.  It might make a change and maybe there will be something to watch other than the rubbish they are broadcasting just now if you have time have a look as they are showing trailers just now. Well I think that all for today hope you have a good evening. Love,



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pookyluvsu said...

Hope there will be plenty of good things to watch. Take care and have a great day


Hugs, Angela

jeadie05 said...

If your blood presure was ok ,when you left home all those hazards would put it up !Havent got sky ,just football or repeats .........Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

No wonder your BP was high with the stress of waiting to hear your name called ~ you would think the receptionst would have helped you out ~ next time Joan I would definitely take Stuart with you ~ I am watching a film on that new channel 329 on Sky it is called the Step Sister maybe it has already started here ~ it looks really good ~ Ally

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  No wonder your BP was so high with all the stress of waiting to park, if it weren`t stressful enough visiting the doctor!  Perhaps if you had to wait a while longer the reading might have been lower.  I hope the new channel will provide us with something worth watching.  It has to after the rubbish that is offered to us of late! :o)

Sandra xxxx

jlocorriere05 said...

BP is often high when you go to the doctors. Mine is lower at home and high when the doctor takes it! I have to take four pills a day for mine, at one time it got to 270/170!! Think I was ready to explode! Have a lovely week! Jeannette xx  

haileen2003 said...

Dear Joan...sorry to hear that you were 'stressed' at the Surgery. Next time,wonder if the Receptionist could help you. difficult I know.
Don't have Satellite,don't watch much TV...but like a Good Drama/Film.Load of repeats lately. Bet you enjoyed Desperate Housewifes..isn't it great?... shame it's over  for now :>(
Take care

aniracj said...

Yep, Joan, I am looking forward to the new film channel; t.v. movies can be so much better than the other sort .........especially the Hallmark t.v. movies! Sorry to hear about your b.p.......our doc's take things into consideration and leave you 20 mins before retaking it if they know you are stressed.