Saturday, 11 August 2007



Good Afternoon, not that there is anything good about it weather wise, if this keeps up I am going to run out of rainy graphics to head my entries. Have not got much to say but do have some nice sunny  pictures for you instead today. Will do a proper entry tomorrow.

There is an new entry in my Books Journal.


jeadie05 said...

Super pictures ,the sun is shining here ,dying to know what made Stuart so happy Jan xx

astoriasand said...

What a shame Joan you still seem to be having such a lot of rain.Its been a beautiful day again here and I mangaed a long one and a half hour walk and abck again in the lovely sun,to a little old town close by.I have jst got back and doing a few alerts before tea.Lovely lovely flowers and countryside.Yes lets be knowing what Stuart is so happy with LOL!! Enjoy your weekend.Take care God Bless Kath

edwardssoapy said...

Hi Joan.

Sorry to hear you have had a lot of rain.  Hope it clears up and you and Stuart get some sunshine soon.  Thanks for including the photographs -- I like photos!  I wonder, what is Stuart so happy about?

Have a great day.
Leigh :o)"

mariealicejoan said...

We've had some lovely sunny weather these past few days.  I'd be glad to share some of it with you if I could!  It's gorgeous.  I really enjoyed all the pictures Joan and am waiting in great anticipation to find out what has put that lovely smile on Stuart's face!

ally123130585918 said...

Sorry about you getting rain ~ it has been lovely here ~ the children even went in the swimming pool  ~ Loved your pictures the flowers are beautiful as is the scenery ~ Stu does look pleased wonder why !!!!!  Ally x