Friday, 31 August 2007

Mixer maxter.


Good Afternoon, I have just come in from the garden have been pottering out there and having a read too. Have you noticed how green the grass is for late summer ours is still very lush, by this time of the year it usually has a few brown patches but this year it is like a bowling green (almost).
I could not believe how long it has been since I  last did an entry to my journal don't really have an excuse just been feeling a bit laid back and lazy it must be those lazy hazy crazy days of summer catching me out.
  I had a comment in my book journal about how much I read and how many books I get through  I do not read much during the day unless I am sitting in the garden I do most of my reading in bed at night and sometimes early morning as I am not a good sleeper at the moment and being retired  I do have plenty of time to play with. Am not at my best at the moment as I am trying very hard to come off my HRT. I have been advised to come off as I have been on it for many years now but coming off is not easy at all. All the symptoms that I had originally have returned with  a vengeance  and it is been really difficult. I  stopped taking the pills at the beginning of July and according to the my HRT Doctor I will not know until I have been off them for three months what stage I am at so I will have to be patient just now but it is very hard at the moment what with the warm weather and still nights.
Moving on lately we have taken to sleeping with the curtains open something we have never done before but it does let the fresh air in better, and I never knew before  just how bright the moon can be it lights up the whole room our bedroom faces south and that's where the moon seems to be at the moment I  am usually up during the night and have a look out and it is so beautiful  looking out during the night all is so peaceful.
I noticed in a magazine last  week that UK Gold are going to start repeating 'Tenko' as from Monday  at 4 pm I think it is  I really enjoyed this first time round and thought some of  the more senior ladies might just be interested  as it was very well made and had a great cast and if you are young it is a good history lesson.
Well tonight we finally get to the end of Big Brother and its not before time it has been a total bore this time. I cannot understand how people that are supposed to be at Uni can be so stupid  I was not educated to their standard,I left school at 15  and would not see them in my road .  I better not start on about the education service today.
We have had our Granddaughter the last two Tuesdays until she went back to school and  we went swimming with her just me the first week, and this week Stuart came in too we really enjoyed it as it is ten years since we swam in fact not since Stuart had his first heart attack so we were a bit rusty to begin with  but soon got back into the swing of things . Ellen is great in the water and swims well for someone her age  we all had a great time.
That's me for now I did update my book journal last week if you have not seen it pop over and have a look it was about A is for Alibi, by Sue Grafton. Not nearly finished this weeks book yet as it is a big read, but I will get there soon.  Hope you have a lovely weekend and the sun keeps shining.


Just a little footnote the garden was full of these lovely peacock butterflies this afternoon they are so pretty flitting from flower to flower.   




ally123130585918 said...

You are right about the grass Joan our's is really lush and green ~ You made the moon sound beautiful looking at it through your window ~ I havn't watched Big Brother but Lyn won't go out tonight she said she does not want to miss the last one !!!! like you though she said this one has been a big bore ~ glad you all enjoyed your swim lovely to know Ellen is good in the water ~ Those Butterflies are truly lovely ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

Yes our grass has been very lush too ,all the rain I suppose ,always needing cut lol ,your swimming trips sound fun ,I read in bed too ,but have been trying to lose myself in a book ,since Ive been ill ,Look forward to hearing what you are currently reading I am reading 'The grave Tattoo' by Val MacDermid,really very good ,you must try her ,I found Kiss cut 'by Karin Slaughter in the charity shop Jan xx

msecz said...

our grass here is Wisconsin is just now starting to green up again. finally we got some rain and Leo had to cut it for the first time in many many weeks. I too have been having one of those lazy hazy summer days...... I just got 4 books to read at the library this time. I have one coming in the mail but I finished all my books. I got two by sue grafton. did you notice her hair is beginning to turn gray?  
wonder what year she started this series

ukgal36 said...

Laying looking out at the moon sounds so peaceful..

mariealicejoan said...

I really enjoyed catching up with you today Joan!  You are so lucky you live near enough to your grand daughter that you can spend time with her like that.  I dream about that joy!  Maybe someday!  Have a great weekend!

jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Joan, Evrything seems to still be alive in the gardens, normally the summer heat has taken it's toll on a lot but that's one thing we've been lacking this year! I love the Peacock butterflies, I used to have lots in my garden when I had a buddleia bush. Have a good weekend! Jeannette xx  

ekgillen said...

I can't wait until we can sleep with the windows open!!!