Saturday, 18 August 2007

Guns Are Scary Things


Good Afternoon, welcome to another rainy Saturday afternoon it is the end of a very busy week for us never seem to have been in for a moment. It has taken me ages to get settled here today as Stuart in his great wisdom has been touching the seat at the computer and had it down far too low for me so I was typing it the strangest position it was if I was hanging from the key board, still have it back to near normal now why do people have to be adjusting things that do now require adjusting? There that got that off my chest.
On Thursday this week we took a little run to Kinhorn and the Firth of Forth. We sat for a long time looking at the Terns fishing and the ships going up and down the river and a large amount of planes coming into Edinburgh Airport. Its a great airport to land at as you fly right up the estuary and over Edinburgh before you land.  After lunch a picnic in the car as it was very windy we decided to have a run up to the Forth Bridges. It is a strange road into  North Queensferry and you enter it from the back. As we were coming into the village its just a small place beneath the two bridges you come down a very steep hill single track road. Half way down Stuart braked suddenly as he had seen one of those speed humps but what I saw made me really jump, two policemen armed to the teeth. I said to Stuart "oh did you see that, what he said that speed bump, no I said the policemen with guns."  He had not seen them as the road is so very narrow and he had to watch the roas very carefully. So here I am saying what on earth could armed police be doing up here in this little village on a Thursday afternoon in the summer (the sun was shinning ) have you guessed yes The Prime Minister lives in North Queensferry and is there just now on holiday with his family. I think that's the nearest I have been to any PM in my 64 years. Not used to these sorts of things happening up here in rural Fife.
It seems very alien to me to see armed police yes I know it is more common nowadays but I do not see it very often. It looked so sinister to me.
The weather this week has been a little better and we did manage to sit out yesterday and the forecast is better for next week so maybe a spell of nice fine weather.
Am going to write up my lasted book review. You will maybe notice that there are two books in my side bar now, l tell all in my other journal. I think that's all for now hope you all have a great weekend. 



aniracj said...

Our pc chair in the music room refuses to go any higher (short of putting a bomb under it, lol!!) so I am currently working on Robs pc (in the music room) with my boobies resting on the desk (no they are not too heavy, lol); the pc in the conservatory has a plastic chair that I hate (we've not got round to replacing it) and the laptop only comes out now when I can't be bothered to sit at the desk!!! Why is nothing ever the chair at work is always being lowered cos my colleague who works mornings is shorter than me!!!

sdrogerson said...

it would have scared me as well seeing armed police

jeadie05 said...

Its good to keep busy ,oh ,police men with Guns scary ! Jan xx

bronny42 said...

Hi Joan well what an experince for you, we don't really think about what is really going on do we. Glad you had a nice day out though. Kathie.

ally123130585918 said...

Joan I would have been scared seeing those armed policemen ~ I expect you will get used to them when the PM decides to go on holiday there ~ Hope the weather does stay good for you ~ it has been really miserable here with the rain and winds ~ hope you are having a good weekend ~ "And tell Stuart to leave your chair alone :o)" Ally x

jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Joan,
Thanks for leaving me your link. I'm lucky that I live alone nd nobody messes with my PC chair, Nina hasn't mastered that yet but give her time! Get away from that chair Stuart! I agree that armed police do look scary. They always remind me of something from a futuristic sci-fi novel. Funny how there's always enough police around to guard prime ministers yet when you want them where are they? Probably guarding the fore mentioned prime ministers! Lol! Enjoy Sunday, it's wet and gloomy here again! Jeannette xx  

irisheyes1929 said...

Rain all over the world!  We've had it too in Illinois like CRAZY.  Your "bobbies" don't usually have guns, am I correct?  It's all to common here in the States unfortunately.  A horrible necessity.