Sunday, 12 August 2007

The Smile.


Good Afternoon, as promised yesterday I am going to tell you all why Stuart is smiling. As you can see from the photo's we have purchased an new car. We have had our Focus for two and a half years and thought we would like to have a change. Stuart is a bit of a lad when it comes to cars I have lost count how many we have had in our married life some of these days I am going to sit down and count them all.This time we have gone for a slightly bigger car its a Ford C. Max  Zetec its only 6 months old and is really nice and roomy. It sits a bit higher on the road than the Focus did so I can see over a lot of the hedges.
I was going to tell you about it yesterday but with the weather being so bad I could not get out to take a picture of it.  We nipped out this morning to a layby and managed to get these. As you saw yesterday I have a very happy husband.
I started this entry about half an hour ago and then I went down to have lunch and hang out my washing. What a waste of time that was the heavens have just opened again and even with my bad hearing I can hear it thumping it down where is all this rain coming from I think we have all had our share this 'summer'.I have just had a look out of the window and the street is running like a river. When it eases off a bit I will have to rescue my washing and spin it all over again but that's it am not going to hang it out again today. You may see in picture three there is a giant golf ball or that's what it gets called here it was used during the cold war as some sort of surveillance equipment but we were always told it was a weather station. It is not in use anymore and it is to be sold. Anybody want to live in a golf ball?
Think that's about it for today hope you all have a great Sunday and if you have time watch or record 9 PM on BBC 1 for a wonderful program called 'Mountain' tonight its back in Scotland and should be worth a look as the other two, one from the far north of my country and the other was from the Lake District. The host is Griff Rhys Jones and he does all the climbing too it has been a great program can really recommend it.  Bye  for now,




ukgal36 said...

Nice car...what is with that huge golf ball??

ally123130585918 said...

No wonder Stuart looks pleased that is a lovely car ~ we have had quite a pleasant day here the children and all the adults (Not me though:o) even went in the swimming pool ~ sorry you are getting all that rain ~ hope you get some better weather soon ~ Ally x

astoriasand said...

Thats a great car Joan,no wonder Stuart is so happy.You will be able to take everything AND the kitchen sink now .Not everything BUT the kitchen sink LOL!! Looks cloudy in the sky on the pics.It's been another beautiful week/end here.though we have just got back home and came  through a short thunder storm and now the sun is beaming again.I have just found a short topic on the internet about your Golf ball and read it all, it includes a picture as well,Balado Golf Ball for sale.If anyone puts anything in there post,I find interesting, I like to follow it up.I usualy do this.Says it was used For cold war communications .I have seen these before in other parts of the country too.What a shame about your washing,ah well the rainwater  will have softened it .Take Care Have a nice evening God Bless Kath

jeadie05 said...

Ah now I see why Stuart had a big smile ,its a lovely car ,so sorry your washing got wet we have a fine day here ,but it speaks of rain later ,'back to normal ' Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

Looks a nice car. Ours is old but solid and does the job - you probably have gathered I don't really get excited by cars..........

edwardssoapy said...

Hi Joan!

Wow, that looks like a nice car!  I can see now why Stuart looked so happy in the photograph, hehe!  I'm sorry to hear you are still having rain in Scotland.  It's been fine and sunny here in Wales today, but rain is forecast later on... grr!

Have a good evening!
Leigh :o)"

jennyp51 said...

Nice car, we have just bought our daughter a skoda fabia the same as we have.  I am watching mountain too.
Jenny <><

mariealicejoan said...

Ahhhh, mystery solved!  I can understand why he was smiling now!  I'd be smiling too!  Lovely car!  Lucky Stuart!

irisheyes1929 said...

Congrats on the new car and bad luck with the washing!! :-(  About the golf ball...We have a dome at our local high school that everyone calls a marshmallow.  It's the ugliest thing you ever did see!  Thankfully I attended the Catholic high school about 15 minutes away, and not the public one here :-)!  

adlessor said...

Good luck with your new car.  Looks like a beauty to me.  Hope your weather is better now.   Stay dry.       Dawn