Saturday, 15 September 2007


Good Afternoon, Autumn has arrived today for us on this side of the border is was a very cold morning it's a little better now, but still chilly to say the least. On the weather forecast last night  there is snow forecast for Sunday in the mountains that's a bit early so I hope 'Heather the Weather' (that's our weather girl's name on Scottish news) has made a mistake.
I was watching the news this morning before we went out and it was so distressing watching all the people queuing to get their life savings from the Northern Rock Building Society. I noticed how many in the queue we elderly it must be very distressing for them I hope all will be well and their money will be safe. We are told to save for our old age and this is what happens it is a worry. It did make me think of that old film we all love 'Its a Wonderful Life' when there was all that panic about the home and loan running out of money and I was imagining a teller today asking how much they really needed today. I don't think I would like to have been that teller.
I thought Strictly Come Dancing started again tonight but I must have gotten it wrong as I don't see it advertised maybe next week. Sorry Stuart R. know you hate it and come to think of it sorry my Stuart he hates it too so that will be more hours of PC time for them.
With the rugby world cup I am having plenty of time up here too hence two entries in two days as long as I can think up things to muse about we will be ok. Bookworm and Luxor will be getting worn out too but maybe I'll be able to improve my scores. That's me for today Bye for now, hope you have a pleasant Saturday evening.   Love



jeadie05 said...

Hi Joan I love the new picture in your side bar,I do feel for all the people who bank with Northern rock ,queues of people on the TV news reports ,like you I thought 'Strictly',was on tonight ,just checked are right ! its not ,they have been advertising  who are to be the new competitors ,all week Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

that's all I needed to know
must make sure my J does not find out it is on.......

sarajanesmiles said...

Yes, lovely new photo of you in your side bar Joan :o)
Not a good time to be working at Northern Rock Building Society I'd imagine, not a good time to have your savings there either.  It's it awful when something like this happens, for all concerned.
Luxor, that's one I've not tried yet.  
Maybe I should give that a go!
Sara   x

mariealicejoan said...

How terrible that we put our savings and hopes into a bank like that to keep it safe, but really the safest place of all might be under our mattresses!  I would not have wanted to be a teller in that bank yesterday for anything!  LOvely graphic as usual!  I hope you enjoyed your evening last night and that you have a great day today!

ally123130585918 said...

I do feel for those people who Bank with "Northern Rock" ~ I know they keep saying their money is safe ~ but I would still be worried if I banked there ~
I definitely would not like to be a teller there at this time ~  
Lovely new picture in your sidebar ~ Ally x

chasferris said...

Dear Joan,  I got my first taste of Rugby on televsion today.  WOW what a sport.  Wham bam..and no helmets and shoulder pads.  And I thought American football was rough.