Thursday, 13 September 2007

Where has The Week gone.


Thank you Donna for this design.

Good Afternoon, its a bit cooler today but still dry and sunny in part. Been having a busy week as usual. Monday we took the bus to Edinburgh with the bus passes of course and had a wander round the National Gallery. There are some lovely paintings there to see and some lovely pieces of furniture too.  It was a sunny hot day as you can see from the photographs.                                                                I notice the amount of journals that put up TGIF but I do notice that it never any of us that are retired that is because time just goes past so quickly a week is gone in the blink of an eye.
Have put in one or two pictures of our garden that has done well this summer despite the rain.
We have booked to go up to Ullapool for a few days from the 24th of this month looking forward to that as we have not been to our beloved highlands for 18 months and we do get withdrawal symptoms if we are away from the mountains for too long,  am hoping for some nice autumn colour. I did take wonderful pictures there a few years ago but one time the PC crashed we lost them all so I am hoping to replace them. That will not happen again as I now have all my pictures on disc. We had a great morning on Tuesday looking at them all on the big telly what a difference that made sitting in our comfy chairs looking at all the places we have been in the last few years, but still annoyed we lost a lot of photographs so be warned and download.
I think that's about it for today but must mention didn't Scotland do well in the football last night beating France  Well done lads form a none football supporter.                              


sarajanesmiles said...

Funny you should say that Joan, about losing your photos - what a shame by the way - I put all of mine on disk just last week, just in case.  Some beautiful ones you have shown us today :o)  Looking forward to seeing pictures of the highlands when you're back from your trip there too.
Sara   x

jeadie05 said...

Your garden looks really nice Joan ,and I recognise a Val McDermid,along side your pot of coffee ,are you enjoying her ? Lovely picture of the rainbow over the sea Jan xx

sylviam4000 said...

Your garden is beautiful Joan. Thanks for sharing it with us. Take care.
Love Sylvia xx

aniracj said...

Rob is getting the same withdrawals I think......We are definitely going to get up there next year!!!!

sdrogerson said...

confused by this : " I notice the amount of journals that put up TGIF"

msecz said...

I enjoyed all your pictures today. How green the grass is now or is it always so pretty. Your garden is beautiful. I would like to sit and talk at your table with you too. Sandra

mariealicejoan said...

Lovely pictures, lovely garden, beautiful butterflies!  We hardly get any in our garden, well, not that we have noticed at any rate.  


ukgal36 said...

We have an abundance of Butterflies this year..I am afraid i don't know the names but some of them are HUGE..I have never seen them before
loved the pics...

ally123130585918 said...

Joan beautiful pictures ~ Loved the Butterfly on the flowers and the Rainbow over the sea ~ and your tomatoes are coming along fine ~ and the ones in the Park ~ so many people there enjoying the Sunshine ~
I agree Scotland did so well winning against France ~ Ally x

chasferris said...

I never knew Scotland could be so beutiful. I thoght it was all rocks and crags with a stone castle or two thrown in.  I did pass through Scotland in WWII.  Our troop transport landed us in the north, but we were put on troop trains emmediately and shipped to south west England. From the troop train, everything looked like one big park.
Your garden is lush and gorgeous.
In a comment in my journal you say you never knew a Chuck before.  Strange, didn't Bonnie Prince Charlie come from Scotland? Maybe if I called myself Charlie instead you would know me better.

jlocorriere05 said...

I love the photos Joan, I got some beautiful pics of the autumn colours a few years ago before we had digital cameras so they're still safe in an album! I'm glad you're enjoying beautiful sunshine and I can't wait to see your pics of Ullapool and the surrounding area. Have a lovely weekend! Jeannette xx