Thursday, 20 September 2007

Thank you Donna.

Good evening, what a week we have had retired ha relaxing ha. Tuesday this week we decided to go and look at cameras, I have had my little Nikon coolpix for three years and it has been great but we really fancied a Digi SLR. 
Off we went on Tuesday morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed up to Perth to see what was what. We went to Jessops and after looking at the camera Stuart had looked at on the Internet we decided that was the one it was a Fugi ...can't remember the no. but it was all singing and dancing.  We did our shopping picked up Ellen from school and came home. With Ellen being here we did not touch our parcel till Wednesday morning. We start putting it all together and in  afternoon we set off for the Loch to take some pictures. We had a lovely walk and returned home full of beans. Now to load the PC with the software, simple its says just put the disc in and off it will go and will start when it is all done. NO NO  When we plugged in the camera nothing happened AOL was telling us to upgrade Fugi was telling us to register but nobody would download the camera. With my old camera you just plug it in and it starts not bother at all. Break for tea. After feeding we came up here again and were still trying at bedtime. On reading the book we found eventually that our PC does not have enough memory to download this camera so after trying everything we knew we headed for bed.  Thursday morning we tried to use Picasso that's the program we use for my Nikon and is a very simple one to use but again that would not work. (That's not coffee I'm slurping its a nice little Whisky and  American ginger)  So after all that we are needing a new PC we are going away on holiday next week so what to do not really ready for purchasing a new PC but have a camera that is no use to us. I then thought what about phoning Jessops and asking why we were not told that the PC had to have 512 MB and we only have half of that. To our great surprise we were told to bring it back and a full refund would be given. I must say we were both very pleased  with this offer they even took back the memory card so I cannot praise Jessops enough. Alls well that ends well . Now we are trying to make up our mind what kind on laptop to buy and by doing things this way it gives us time to make up our minds and not rush out and just buy one .  I hope this has made sense as it is such a long story. Stuart and I are shattered after all the bother we have been in this week. Hope the Highlands brings us some much needed peace and tranquillity next week. So with my tale of woe complete I will say goodnight and God Bless.   Love ,


Have updated my Books Journal.


sdrogerson said...

how do you survive on 256mb of memory iyt must be hell on earth!

irisheyes1929 said...

Enjoy your holiday!
I'm glad the fiasco with the camera worked out.  Technology is amazing, but not when you can't understand it.
Many of my friends and myself have HP laptops, and haven't had problems with them.  Just a suggestion, because when I was shopping for my laptop at the end of August, it was horribly confusing.  There is so much information to take in!!  
All the best,

aniracj said...

I got someone in to double the 256 mb on my desktop....cost a little over £40.00 to do it and now I can use just about any programme cos they did not just double the memory they quadrupled it!!! I can't fault my Dell laptop and that has a huge memory as well, steer clear of PC world cos they try and sell you things you don't need but convince you that you do need!!!! Love Joan

jeadie05 said...

So pleased you managed to get the cmara bussiness sorted out ,enjoy your break ,and come back refreshed and with lots of storys and pictures ,take your book lol Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan I hope you have a lovely holiday and the weather keeps decent for you ~ glad Jessops took that camera back what a fiasco trying to install it ~ I can imagine how frustrating that must have been ~ ~ Ally x

bronny42 said...

Hi Joan. well I have a Fuji Finepix F30 digital camera. I had it for christmas last year and it is awesome.  It takes wonderful pictures outdoors and the indoor picture are the best I have ever seen. Its easy to use. Look it up on the Fuji site.  I take it everywhere with me. I can highly recommend it. Have a nice holiday next week. I too am on holiday off to Malta for 2 weeks. bye for now Kathie.

chasferris said...

Dear Joan, I think I will muddle along with my bargain Polaroid digital.  It does not work as directed in the manual, either.  I cannot upload video, but it gives me a lot of still pictures on cheap data card.  I just wish they were sharper.  I recently added an outboard hard drive (160 GB) to hold all the pictures I am taking. Who knew that our PCs would become our family albums?

sylviam4000 said...

Sounds like you've earned that holiday Joan. Am going to find out if we have a Jessops around here, as I'd like to upgrade my camera. Need one with a good optical lens (haven't yet worked out 'alf the settings on camera I've got - but have been told "good optical lens" is a must for taking close-ups). Will have to wait til we've got cost o' moving out o' the way first though. Take care. Enjoy your week away.
Love Sylvia xx