Sunday, 2 September 2007

The first of Many.... I Hope.


Good Afternoon, I hope you are having a lovely peaceful Sunday. Have been watching the World Athletic Championships from Japan but I think the time difference spoils things a bit but still a good competition. Weather today not to bad seems to be breaking up a bit now after overnight rain I hope so as I have changed the beds this morning and they are hanging out and NOT blowing in the wind.
Do you remember the tomato growing project I was doing well I am delighted to tell you we have been successful, a bit anyway. On Friday past we had our first cherry tomato from the plants I bought in Sheringham, Norfolk while on holiday there in May nursed all the way home in the car and have had all our love and attention all summer. We picked our tomato brought it into the house washed it put it on a plate cut it  added salt and black pepper and had half each. Wow what flavour I have not tasted a tomato like this for many a year. There are still a lot of tomatoes to come so I hope we get some more sunshine to ripen them. I had them out of the mini greenhouse for a while earlier on in the summer as they were getting to tall. I have had to cut them back a bit to get them back in the greenhouse as our nights are getting colder now and I hope this helps with the ripening.Am determined God willing to try again next Spring but this time I am going to grow them from seed. Fingers crossed. Not a bad first attempt.
One thing about my journal I write about the strangest things. That's it for today hope you enjoyed my tomato musings.       


jeadie05 said...

So pleased you have been able to enjoy your first harvest of tomatoes ...dont forget when you collect the seeds... wash the jelly like stuff of them first, before you save them Jan xx

jacksj989 said...

Hi Joan,

I can imagine the wonderful taste you must be having from the home grown tomatoes.

My neighbour, for the first time, is growing outdoor tomatos and, from where I stand as I look across at his garden, the plants seem to be laden with unripen tomatoes.

It has been a strange summer and I suppose we are lucky to be able to get any of our fruits to ripen this year.

I hope next year's crop is even better when you grow from seed.

By for now,


msecz said...

I didn't plant any tomatoes this year and I miss the good taste of homegrown tomatoes. Im not able to get the games from Japan  either, guess we have too many baseball and football games on and golf and tennis and racing that there isn't a channel open ... too bad for us isn't it. we are having a nice day today here in Wisconsin and after church and shopping a bit Im home and I think I will sit and read for awhile, Love

mariealicejoan said...

Glad to hear you've had success with your Tomatoes Joan!  We tried growing some a few years back with disastrous results.  They do grow a lot in the Manor greenhouses so I guess I really don't need to grow my own, but there is a great satisfaction that comes from knowing you have grown something yourself like that.  I know you know what I mean!

ally123130585918 said...

Joan how lovely you got to share a tomato your very first red one :o)
I could feel the excitement when you tasted it ~ there is nothing like a tasty cherry tomato ~ wish you luck growing them from seed but I am sure you will be successful ~ Hope you managed to get your laundry dry ~ Ally x

sarajanesmiles said...

Yaaay for tomatoes :o)
Chuckled at the thought of you sharing your cherry tomato!
Plenty more where that came from, hopefully soon.
Happy tomato growing m'dear.
Sara   xxx