Friday, 21 September 2007

Good Evening, Had this all written in note book already and lost it all so here goes again. Yet again its Rugby Football on the telly if its not rugby this week its football this is the forth night this week  I you do get a bit fed up with it all as it takes up the whole evening. Stuart is goo about things and we do have more than one telly but I like to sit together of an evening with a coffee and watch something together. There is a film we fancy tomorrow night it a remake of The Manchurian Candidate which have not seen we enjoyed the original with Frank Sinatra and Lawrence Harvey so we will see how it works out in modern times with Denzel Washington et. al.
Have been feeling much calmer today after all the hassles of yesterday. Spent the afternoon clearing a lot of bits and pieces of the hard drive and running a cleaning program from McAfee so hopefully it will all help the running of my PC till we get a new one.
I am planning to put in some photos I took on Wednesday with my old Nikon camera just as well as things turned out. There has been a footpath been getting build all the way found Loch Leven for walkers and mountain bikes and it is nearly finished, It has turned out very well very dry underfoot and should stay dry for the winter too even doing part of the walk is very pleasant but it will be about 14 miles all the way round when it is finished. They are now at the tricky bit Vane Farm the RSPB reserve that I have visited and shown you pictures of in the past is on the shoreline and you cannot walk through a bird reserve so the path has to come inland away from the loch side for about a mile or so.  The whole thing should be done early next year. Our Lochside  park has also had a facelift with a new adventure playground walkways and special doggy areas and some nice sculptures carved from wood.
Am now going to try to put this into my journal and hope I don't mess it up this time and also download some pictures I took on Wednesday.  Hope you all have a pleasant weekend.       Love


jeadie05 said...

As yoy say ,you are so lucky ,what wonderful views Joan ,yes we have the Rugby on too !!Arent the wooden carvings clever ,would love one wouldnt you Jan xx

catmayben said...

I echo your sentiments about the rugby, womens football etc. It gets well boring if you are not a sports person. I have made the most of tonight by having a long bath and then washing my hair.
Love your photos, the new path sounds wonderful and I like the sculptures, we have quite a lot of wood carvings in Towneley Park here in Burnely, and every year we have a woodland festival with carvers, willow sculpters, birds of prey, bats etc. Its a really good day out for all of the family. Unfortunately we missed it this year cos we went on a day trip to Whitby.
Love,  Cathy.  xxx

edwardssoapy said...

Hi Joan,

Thanks for sharing the photographs.  Those wood carvings of the animals are very cleverly made, aren't they?  What a beautiful part of the country you live in!

Have a nice weekend.

Leigh :o)"

mariealicejoan said...

Playing catch up for two days now Joan!  My you have had a busy time with the camera and what not!  Good now that you can have a think on it all.  I love your photos!  I do love all the history that these lovely Isles of ours contains.  I think one could spend the rest of their lives seeking it out and learning, and never run out of something new to see or learn.  I think its' all very wonderful!  We have only ever been to Gretna Green in Scotland thus far but am hoping one day to venture much further into your country and do some exploring up there!
Have a great weekend!

ally123130585918 said...

Joan your photographs are lovely you are so lucky to live near such beauty ~  That footpath they are building round Loch Leven will be wonderful for ramblers ~ 14 miles is a very long walk but what a beautiful place to walk ~ Ally x

adlessor said...

I just love these pictures Joan.   So interesting.  You are giving us a geography class.  Thanks for sharing.      Dawn

labdancer51 said...

What a lovely place Joan and I love the wood sculptures. I don`t think the ospreys would particularly like the!

Love Sandra xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Loved the pics in this entry Joan... the wood sculptures are amazing aren't they.
Sara   x

jlocorriere05 said...

Thanks for showing the pics Joan. I think the trout would be a bit chewy for the ospreys! Lol! We're going to Loch Leven in November, staying at Ballachulish.  I read your previous entry about the camera, I got my Canon digital SLR from Jessops and can download on Picassa2 quite easily. Mine's an 8 megapixel, was yours higher than that? They take a lot of memory to take pics and the pics are too big to post straight on to your journal page from AOL's new picture thingy but if you crop them a bit they do download! Jeannette xx  

astoriasand said...

Well Joan I am trying to catch up on all journals from my USA holiday.Been very tired this week from jet lag etc,I love the pictures you have placed in your blog.What a lovely view you have.So scenic and tranquil.Just how I love things.I have caught up now on all my alerts.I love your new photo in your sidebar it's so good.My alerts  don't seem to be getting delivered for some reason Grrrrrr.I have done three postings on my holiday and had to notify people.Sorry to be a nuisance with that but when we all try so hard with our postings and AOL do not send the alerts out its so frustrating and annoying I feel.The footpath will be very usefull when it is finished.I wouldn't mind a walk around there myself.Have a lovely week/end.Take Care God Bless Kath