Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Up with the larks.

Got out of my bed early this morning visited to loo came in here switched on the PC heard a heavy lorry outside low and behold The Bed Shed at 7. 40 am Stuart still asleep and me in my pyjames, what a panic. That must be some kind of record. So hope to get back later to tell you all whats gone wrong if I am able. Bye just now.
                                   Love Joan.


aniracj said...

Funny August 12th!!!! But good for you in that you may now get some decent kip!!! love Joan.

sdrogerson said...

must be a record!!!

ally123130585918 said...

7.40am Joan ~ that must be a record ~ I bet you dressed in record time as well lol ~ Ally

astra1547 said...

that was an early delivery...its a wonder you had time to P...lol.