Sunday, 30 July 2006

At the Seaside.


Good Afternoon, thought I would share my pictures from our day out today with you before I make out tea then I know its done and I can relax tonight.  We set off for LochGelly Loch this morning to see a special duck that is on the loch just now (see my other journal for that later) then carried on to Kinghorn on the  River Forth. Not happy with the pictures at all, have taken better there but the light was a bit strange over the water.  The first two are of Mossmoran Chemical Plant not a pretty sight but the flame looked great this morning against the blue sky. The weather was lovely by the water and Stuart got out his telescope and did a bit of birding. I was bad and sat in the car (with the windows down) and read my book. My binoculars are in for servicing just now and won't be ready for two more weeks. Stuart offered to share but I was happy as I was. There were lots of people about doing summer things even swimming better them than me but maybe they were younger than me.  I used to love to swim in any water that was available but now it has to be a pool getting fussy in my old age. Now on to my favourite subject ' TOILETS'. At Kinghorn there is one of these cubical toilets you know the ones with the revolving door which is very handy.  When we were there in the Spring it was not working but today I set of for it full of confidence that in would be sorted and open. No such luck still 'Not in use'. Now this is a busy carpark and beach during the summer and I think it is very unfair of the council not to do something about the only loo available to the public.  After my non visit to the loo (no bushes available either) Stuart offered to take me further up river to see if I could get a better picture of the two Forth Bridges. Got in a better position but the light just was not clear enough will try again when its not so warm, and there is not such a haze on the water. They don't call Edinburgh Auld Reekie for nothing. It has been a bit more comfortable weather wise today temp about 70f. which was just fine. We had another grand day out and now on with the tea making. Well that's me will better go and feed my hubby or I will be getting my books.  Love 




jeadie05 said...

No you wont get your pictures ,you do a good job ,lovely day out even if you did spend some time wriggeling ! the pictures you took were good Joan ,.........Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

They do seem to take their time fixing loos! I've known some to be out of action for months! The pics are lovely, Scotland has some great scenery. Jeannette xx  

ally123130585918 said...

Scotland has some beautiful scenery and you have captured some of them in your pictures ~ that Cemical plant Joan why is the flame burning there ? ~ I am glad you had a good day out (and hope you eventually managed to find a loo that was open) ~ Ally

astra1547 said...

great pics Joan...would'nt be any good for me NO TOILET views look beautiful.


sylviam4000 said...

Enjoyed your pics Joan, glad you had an enjoyable day.
Sylvia xx

jacksj989 said...

Hi there Jaon, I love the pictures probably because they are so different from the area I live.

By the way, I know what you mean about the toilets.  Tourism is a multy million pound industry and I wonder how many more tourists would move up and down the country if they knew that the toilets were in good working order.

By for now,


love2sing2007 said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures!