Tuesday, 4 July 2006

How Lucky am I.


Don't know if you have heard of this event down your way but up here this is a big big event and it will take place this weekend and it all take place about 1 mile from where I live.  There will be about 50,000 people there for each day of the festival most of them camping just across the motorway from where I live.  We can hear it very plainly but the kids are very well behaved and there is very little trouble. Cold Play are going to be there on Sunday and 100 other bands most of whom I have never heard but lets face it my taste in music is very Prime Time Radio. When I worked in the supermarket it dealt with all the young ones and they were great.  I hope they they all have a great time and please weather stay fair and dry at least for them as it take place in fields so you can imagine it if we get heavy rain.  Just thought you might be interested in this will try and get our tomorrow and take some pictures before they close all the roads.  Love




labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  I haven`t heard of this event but I hope it goes well for all concerned, by that I mean you and all the residents surrounding it.  I suppose it can be nice to listen to, I rather like ColdPlay myself!), but if it rains it could be Woodstock revisited...lol!  :o)

Sandra xxxx

ally123130585918 said...

Joan I do hope the weather stays good for them ~ it sounds like a lovely festival I too hope they all have a good time ~ and enjoy their music ~ look forward to seeing any pictures you may be able to get ~ Ally

jeadie05 said...

No Joan havent heard of this one ,hope all goes well ,and it stays fine ...Jan xx

jlocorriere05 said...

No, I've not heard of it either. I hope everybody has a great time! Hoping the sun will get up to you too! Jeannette xx  

wrigleyrachey said...

Hi, so lucky to have Cold Play so near, it must be an exciting time, hope the weather is good, should be. Enjoy the day! Try and snap Cold Play!!