Friday, 20 July 2007

Alls Well

 Good Afternoon, just relaxing today after the trials and tribulations of changing the modem on the PC.  Did we have a day of it on Wednesday we ended up barely speaking for a while but did get it sorted eventually. We have had Broadband for the two and a half years but it was not very good so when wonderful AOL offered to speed things up we were all for it. We did not know we would have to change modems. Remember we received one in the post on Tuesday and thought it might help to speed things up on the PC as lately it has been very slow. On Wednesday morning we started the change over. We put in the disc sent with the new modem and it said to move so that the modem and the PC we near to the main phone socket. Our PC is in the study upstairs so we thought we would try it up here first as it would cause a big upheaval to move everything.  After much plugging in etc we tried got to the test page we failed so the only thing we could do was to take the PC and the monitor and all the cables downstairs. Had to make room downstairs so after much flitting of the furniture we were ready to start again. By this time it was lunchtime so we took a break which was well earned. After our lunch break we tried again and this time when we got to the test page all was well. Now we had to take everything back upstairs and hope it would work. I was frightened to look after we got it all plugged in again but low and behold all was well and we are whizzing along now PC so much quicker and AOL has not speeded things up yet that won't be till August so we were tired but happy that we managed to get it done all by ourselves even if there were a few harsh words here and there ha ha.
Today we are just relaxing and watching the Open golf from Carnoustie which is only about forty miles away from where we stay. When we lived in Dundee and the Open was there many years ago we went to see the practice rounds and saw Jack Nicholas when he was in his hay day I think it was Tom Watson that won that year. Hope the weather does NOT get to good as it makes it too easy for them and I do like to see them struggling a bit (must be a bit of a masochist). Stuart has just phoned me up here to say the sun has come out at Carnoustie and the wind has dropped for the moment. (We have a intercom system for upstairs downstairs it helps with my hearing not being good and is very handy.) Think that's about it for today going to do a bit of surfing since we have such a good speed going at the moment. Have a great weekend.  Love,



cayasm said...

Hi glad you managed to get everything sorted, I await with baited breath a faster system your right AOL has been really slow of late, hopefully mne will work first and i don't have to move anything lol.
I'm reading the lastest Jame Patterson Beach Road so far so good.
have a nice weekend.

Love Yasmin


astoriasand said...

Happy to read you got it all sorted Joan.Even if you did have to move.I am happy you are back where you like to belong LOL!! The intercom is a good idea,I know the problem of being deaf and it does become a pain at times.Is this going to happen to everyone then who has broadband as I havn't heard anything about getting a new DSL and new faster speeds in August as you mention and I have been on Broadband silver now 3yrs.RAIN RAIN RAIN here again.Grrrr .Have a nice week/end God Bless KATH
astoriasand htttp;//

jeadie05 said...

Oh clever you ,getting it sorted out at last ,saw some of the golf ,it has rained alllllllll day long here Jan xx

adlessor said...

We're watching the same thing.  Tiger Woods is putting now.    Ours of course is taped delay.   Had to laugh about you two and the  harsh words.    Dawn

A Couple of Nomads

jennyp51 said...

Well done it is practically unheard of for someone to install any internet product without having to phone tech. for hours.
Jenny <><

mariealicejoan said...

Oh I do HATE doing anything with the computer when it comes to techonogical stuff.  It's always a bit of a faff and frustrating!  Glad you got it all sorted!

ally123130585918 said...

Joan glad you eventually managed to get that change over done ~ without too many harsh words :o) ~ that intercom system sounds like a good idea could do with one of them here ~ hope you have a good weekend ~ Ally x