Sunday, 29 July 2007


Thank you Donna for the lovely graphic.

Good Morning, I thought I would do a earlier entry today while I am waiting patiently for the sun to warm up the temperature outside as it has been a bit nippy this morning with a north wind. Its not all that windy but it is cool so I hope the sun does its work and I can get out with my book shortly. I have been busy on my view Book journal this week and have managed about 10 entries so far trying to catch up on all the books I have read this year so far, am up to May so I am nearly there. Thank you if you have been over for a visit hope you enjoyed what I have written.
The family will be home this evening from their holiday in Cyprus. Chatted to Richard on Friday morning and he said it had been over 40 degrees last week. As you know Richard was a racing cyclist when he was younger and still trains on his bike. When he is on holiday abroad he usually hires a bike but with the weather being so hot this time he has had to go our at six in the morning so he is back before it get too hot about about nine o'clock. When they were there in the spring he said it was lovely. They are the only people in the complex at the moment as the rest of the owners are at home just now as they know it is too hot . My sons Mum and Dad own the villa they are visiting and he said it was just a stones throw from the beach and they do have their own pool too so they are lucky. Ellen's swimming has come on a treat and Richard says she is never out of the water just like her dad and this Grandma when she was young.
Think thats about it for today will try to get some book entries done while I am waiting for the temperature  to rise. Have a lovely Sunday.    Love

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mariealicejoan said...

Hi Joan!  I had a peek at your book journal yesterday.  It sure looks as if you have been very busy reading!  I didn't make any comment as I hadn't read any of the books myself.  I tend to have different taste in books than you have, although they do look like good books to be sure!  I just love reading.  It can take you to places only ever dreamt of  in dreams and to experience lots of interesting things, even if it's only in our imaginations!
Happy Sunday!

ally123130585918 said...

Hope the temperatures go up for you Joan and you can get out and read your book ~ I am going to pop over to your Book Review and have a read ~ it's breezy and quite cold here today quite a change to yesterday which was nice and Sunny ~ Ally x

jeadie05 said...

Its not that warm here either today Joan ,we had a lovely afternoon in the sun yesterday as you know ,Im dying to read your book revue but the link didnt work for me ,,love Jan xx

edwardssoapy said...

We have had lovely weather today in Wales.  Hope the temperature hots up so you can read your book.  I looked at your new journal yesterday, though I have not written any comments yet.  You have certainly read a lot of novels this year!

Have a great week.
Leigh :o)"

astoriasand said...

Pleased to read they all had a great holiday.It's great to swim I too used to love swimming Joan.Take Care God Bless Kath

bronny42 said...

Hi Joan the weather here at Chepstow has been good for the last two days so hoping that August will turn out to be our summer.  Had a look on the book journal and havent read any of the books but will look out for them they sound very interesting indeed. Bye for now Kathie.

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm hoping the temperature went up for you today Joan, it's been beautiful here in Brighton. Glad your family had a good holiday in Cyprus and Ellen had a good time in the pool. Jeannette xx