Sunday, 1 July 2007

             Good Afternoon not that there is much good about it but at least nobody has been hurt in the last latest terrorist attacks. Up here in Scotland we do feel a bit safer and are surprised at yesterdays attract on Glasgow Airport. Looking at the scenes this morning watching all the poor holiday makers queuing up many hundreds of yards away from the terminal in the pouring rain it is all so sad. Maybe they (the terrorists) have not caused the carnage they hoped for but the upheaval the last few days here and in London have been terrible. I shudder to think of what it will be like today at the Concert for Diana, trying to get in there,  will take forever.  I do hope it all goes off ok. Enough of this its too depressing.
Was at Ellen's Dancing show last night it took place in Perth Theatre out seat was terrible upstairs and at the side I could not see a thing unless I sat forward in my seat but still we did enjoy watching it. Snow White was the theme so there lots of characters and they were all good.
Finished my book this morning so am going to start another new author tonight Karin Slaughter wonder if she is any relation of Frank G Slaughter read some of his book years ago, she writes a bit likes Patricia Cornwall so will see how we get on with her. Enjoyed the book I was reading(Sue Grafton S is for Silence) my only complaint was there was an awful lot of people in it and it jumped back and forward from 1953 to present day al lot and I had to look back occasionally to help me remember who was who but on the whole a enjoyable book with a lot of humour too.
I have found this wonderful new radio station maybe you have already found it but if you like 60 and 70's music this is for you will leave the link at the bottom of this entry.  Radio 2 has become far to modern for Stuart and me and we did listen to Saga radio a lot on the TV but that stopped a while back and have really missed it. If you link to this station there is a choice of areas I am listening to the Glasgow one on the PC but on the TV its a general one but really enjoyable too it is now called Smooth Radio.
The rain at this moment is just lashing down and is so bad it has messed up Stuart Satellite signal right in the middle of his motorrace but never mind he will just have to watch it on terrestrial. Tour de France starts next weekend in London I think it is the first time 'The Tour' has started in London will be well worth seeing.
That's it for today hope things get better all over and I wish you all a peaceful Sunday ( oh that was a big clap of thunder and a abig flash of lightening  I don't usually hear thunder but that was very loud and made me jump) bye just now.
                                       Love        Hope you enjoy this as much as we do.                  


jeadie05 said...

Yes the news has been very depressing all round hasnt it ,? I hope the concert goes off ok for Dianna's boys sake ,I have just started my book Q for Quarry ,and am enjoying it ,but yes, alot of characters ,but would still buy others by her Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

preferred Saga to Smooth radio
I listen to The Jazz on DAB

jennyp51 said...

Looked for smooth radio and you need a dab radio but i got it on TV with my freeview.  I used to listen to radio 2 but yes you are right it got too modern for me, we now sometimes listen to classic fm.  Hope the weather is treating you kindly in Scotland.
Jenny <><

ally123130585918 said...

I hope the concert in Memory of Diana goes well for her Son's ~ and they don't get any rain ~ So many sad things happening at the moment Joan but glad those bombs didn't go off ~ we have had more rain today but we have been lucky no flooding here in the village ~ although the river is really high ~ glad you are enjoying your reading ~ glad you enjoyed Ellen's Dancing show ~ pity about the seating though ~ Ally x

astoriasand said...

The news of the latest terrorist attacks shocked me once again yesterday.It is so frightening at these times.Lets hope they are not strting up witht hem again.Seems lots of people are glued to there TV's today watching th econdert for DIanna.I loved her .She was beautiful.Inside and outside.Sorry you got a poor seat for the show on Ellen's dancing whata  shame.My Grandaughter does dance and she wa in Jack and the beanstalk last at Halifax theartre last Xmas.he mom usually gets the tickets from dance class and makes sure we get them early to choose out own seats.Our weather has been mixed today sunny but with lots of heavy showers and thunder in between.Grrrr.Glad you enjoyed your book Joan.Hope the next one proves good too.Thanx for the link Hav ea good Sunday evneing.Take Care Kath

cayasm said...

just read Karin Slaughters latest Triptych fantastic as ususal, not part of the Heartsdale series thats the next book can't wait.
Take Care


bronny42 said...

Hi Joan I love listening to f.m.classic.  I am reading J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter the "Order of the Phoenix" have read it before but as the film is now due out next week wanted to refreash my memory. I have read all her books about Harry Potter and I love them. Kathie.

adlessor said...

That certinally was a terrible terrorist attack in London.  Leaves you wondering where it will be next.    Hope your weather turns better.    Dawn

irisheyes1929 said...

Many prayers to all of you in the UK.  Best wishes for safety.  We must continue to live our lives to matter what.  Terrorists want disruption.