Saturday, 7 July 2007

T in the Mud.


Good Afternoon, It does not seem possible that it is a year since I wrote telling you about T in the Park our biggest music festival in Scotland.  As with Glastonbury we too have bad weather so we too have a sea of mud.  This year for the first time The festival will run for three days, yesterday being day one. Well someone told the weather they were trying to squeeze in an extra day and that did not please it one little bit. The rain poured down in torrents all day and it was not till after teatime that it cleared up a bit.  Today has been fair so far.  With all this rain the car parks (the surrounding fields) were waterlogged and had to be closed as the cars were all getting stuck in the mud yes it was that bad. Hope things are better today as the festival goers pay a lot of money for tickets and some travel from far distances.
Do you remember me telling you about our car having been bumped in the garage last week well guess when we had to take it in yes you've got it 'bring it up on Friday' says the man from Arnold Clark great we think.  All went well up we got early yesterday morning and delivered our nice Focus to the said garage. Our courtesy car was a  Fiat Panda I don't like Pandas but that was all there was so that was what we had to take.  We had a quick coffee in Perth and thought we would just go home as the weather was awful. We left Perth for our 20 minute run home at 12 o'clock and yes you've guessed right again we got stuck in the biggest traffic jam I have ever seen up here in Scotland the traffic was tailed back 10 miles and it took us two and half hours to get home. We did not any water in the car or any food, we always have water in our own car but this courtesy car had nothing in it just what was in my handbag a packet of chewing gum. By the time we got home I was absolutely desperate for the loo and some lunch in that order.  The guys on the motorway that had been drinking were lined up at the side of the road again no camera it would have made good viewing for you but this old lady here managed to wait till she got home, I did see one girl heading for a lonesome tree but it was a bit exposed for me and a bit wet as it was thumping it down by this time. This is the third time this summer we have been stuck in big big traffic jams. The first one was coming home from our holiday at the Forth Bridge the same place as yesterday last week because of roadwork's and the yesterday think I will stay home form now on. 
Can't hear much noise now from Balado but it will get louder later on. 
Been watching the tennis over the past week or so but have found it a bit disappointing with all the interruptions for rain it did not flow well at all I think the weather is out to spoil everything this year.
Think that's about it for today but do wish all the riders in the Tour De France starting in London today well for the next three weeks and just over 2000 miles on their bikes.  Have a great weekend. Love


jeadie05 said...

Great pictures Joan ,sorry you got caught in the trafic with nothing to distract you ,and lol at wanting the toilet ,that would have happened to me ,why do we always want to go when we know we cant Jan xx

mariealicejoan said...

I have wanted to go to an outdoor concert fest ever since I was 11 years old and too young to go to Woodstock!  I have never been able to go to one yet, but perhaps one day I'll have the chance!  The Tour de France is going right by my doorstep tommorrow . . . a bit of a pain as the road is totally closed so we can't really get anywhere, but kind of neat nonetheless as we get to see it first hand!  (although I have my suspicions that I'll see more on the telly!)  Hope you enjoyed all the sunshine today!

catmayben said...

Hi Joan, Enjoy seeing all those men in lycra shorts!!!!!
Love,  Cathy.  xxx

sdrogerson said...

Sarah texted from T in the Park tonight
Cold.Wet. Happy Listening to the Killers.

Lesley been looking at house in Scone today

ally123130585918 said...

The weather has spoilt so much this year ~ let us hope it stays dry for them today ~ sorry you got caught up in that traffic jam ~ with no water or food ~ it must have been an awful ride home needing the loo :o) ~ the tennis hasn't been the same with all the interruptions ~ did you watch Formula 1 that was good viewing ~ havn't seen the Tour de France but I expect highlights will be shown on the news ~ Ally x

fisherkristina said...

Cool!  A festival in Scottland!
I found your journal via Kellen's journal.  Congrats on your Rockin' Girl Blogger award.  
I wanted to give you this link in case you wanted it:
Okay, that's all.

Krissy :)