Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Good Morning.


Good Morning, I can really say that this morning as it is on 7-30am early for me, but as I was a bit restless I thought I could do this now as I don’t think I will have much time later on.

You will maybe remember me telling you about Stuart’s pain in his shoulder/neck well over the weekend it became much worse and at last I managed to persuade him to go to the doctor. He managed to get an appointment on Monday morning and he has Sciatica in his neck. My Stuart never gets normal things he has to be different in the spring it was shingles with no rash now this, everybody else gets Sciatica in the hip not Stuart he gets it in his neck. He has been a great deal of pain but the tablets he was prescribed seem to be keeping things bearable at least.

We had yet another early morning call yesterday when the carpet fitter came to lay the carpet on the top landing at 9am this is great just now everybody and everything we are waiting for comes first thing so you don’t waste the day hanging around. The upstairs is looking really good now and all springy to the step.

We are hoping to go to Perth today to finish the Christmas shopping not much to get just one or two odd and ends, that is if Stuart is not too bad, but getting out for a while does seems to help. Will try to get the food shopping done too and that should be it. We have to pick up Ellen at 4pm, her school finished last Friday and she has been at  Art Camp this week so well will see what she has made today.

Now I can see why Marie does her entries so early its so peaceful and quiet at this time you can hear yourself think it’s lovely.

Wonder what kind of day it will be today it is still pitch dark so I can’t tell yet. It has been very very cold this week -6c when we got up on Monday and did not get much warmer all day don’t think it will be like that today. Hope not.

Think that about it for no think I will head for the shower and then breakfast so till next time have a nice day.

Love Joan.


astoriasand said...

Hi Joan,It's a nice sunny day here today.I have just come online to do a few comments,then back to busy busy busy like others are this week.Glad to know you are getting totthe end of your floorcovering job and it's feeling nice underfoot.So sorry to read Stuart has sciatica,OUCH thats painful I had it but in my posterior and the pain used to run all down the back of my leg, good grief don't remind me.I have arthritis in my neck though.When that starts it's painful too.If my lump gets any bigger I will look like quazimodo LOL!! Theres a giggle to cheer you up.Haaaaa.I hope you manage to get everything you need for Christmas and all will be well then.Prayers will be said for Stuart to be soon relieved of his pain and I will catch you again before Christmas..Thankyou for the lovely film show you sent out.Though I couldn't get any music to work on it.It was just silent all the way through.Yet tother things were working sound wise on my pooter,so I couldn't understand why? Have a good day. Take Care Safe Journeys Happy Shopping.I hope Ellen enjoyed her art.God Bless Kath

sdrogerson said...

poor Stuart that will be really painful

cayasm said...

A shame about Stuart and the siatica but hopefully the painkillers will help. hope you get all you shopping done that will be a relief.
I prefer to do my journals late at night same thing just so quiet and peaceful.
Have a good day


ally123130585918 said...

You were up early Joan ~ Sorry Stuart is in pain hope the tablets help ~ It is good your carpet fitter came nice and early I hate hanging around waiting for workmen ~ Hope you get to finishing your Christmas shopping and enjoy your trip in Perth ~ Art camp sounds good would love to see something Ellen has made ~ hope you day turned out to be a good one ~ Ally x

aniracj said...

Hiya, I also have a pain in the neck (he's called Rob, LOL) No seriously I have had a severe pain for days now, just wish it would go!!! Weather has been warmish here today which has been nice after the bitter weather we have had! Hope you enjoyed your breakfast!!!

jmoqueen said...

I sure hope you are keeping yourself warm xx  Poor Stuart and I hope he's not in too much pain.  Hope Ellen is having fun at art class :o)  and I hope you've managed to get the last of the xmas pressies.


mariealicejoan said...

It's been very cold here as well this week Joan.  And the boiler has been acting up as well!  I'm sorry to hear that Stuart is in such pain.  I do hope it is not overly bothersome throughout Christmas.  What a nuisance for him!  I love the early mornings Joan as you know.  It's so quiet and peaceful and I can think without interruption.  It's my time.  :-)

jeadie05 said...

So sorry poor Stuarts pain got worse hopefully now he has his meds he will feel better , Jan xx