Saturday, 8 December 2007



Good afternoon, not great here we were promised snow but got rain not so nice at all. Two sets of our neighbours have been busy in the pouring rain putting up outside Christmas lights, better them than me as it is very cold out or it was when we were out for our coffee this morning.
Really loving my new laptop it is so quick after old slow coach upstairs. This one is up and on the net in  about one minute flat where as the desktop took about 15 minutes sometimes. Sometimes you got so fed up you just gave up.
Am not a boxing fan but I just saw an advert for the boxing match in the States tonight it is going to be shown on Sky box office for £14-95 I think that absolutely ridiculous I think we pay enough as it is.  We don't have the full package but people that do are well over £30-00 a month and they still want more.  For the last two and a half weeks we have had the full package free of charge wow, we had a letter telling us we were getting this FOC. Never noticed before how few films you actually get for your money they just keep repeating again and again. Moan over.
Will have to try to get the rest of our Christmas shopping done in the next few days as the shops will be getting very busy and I am not the most patient person when it comes to queueing. Santa's not coming here as a new camera and a new laptop is plenty for us ho ho.
The Christmas lights have now been lit accross the road and look very festive. Will have to get Stuart to go up the loft and get our Christmas  box of goodies down and get the tree up. Thank you for all your good wishes regarding his shoulder which is a lot better the last couple of days so thank again. Hope you enjoy the rest of the day, wonder who will go at the dancing tonight? Till next time.   Love 




cayasm said...

Glad your liking the new laptop, weather here not that good torrential rain and very windy. Your right about sky i stopped using them about 5 years ago and your right the film choices are not that great. good to hear Stuarts shoulder is getting better.
Enjoy the rest of your day

Take care


jeadie05 said...

Pleased to hear Stuarts shoulder is so much better ,pleased too that youi are now getting on well with your new laptop ,I think that is far to much to pay for one programe ,Maurice might not agree ,but he is working tomorrow any way ,We only have the basic package too,Have you programmed your book journal into your Lappy yet ,or have you given up reading ?,'chuckle ',I miss those entrys ,or are you to famous to enter since V Mc posted on there lol Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

sleet here...............
J at Christmas decorations - will the lights work?

aniracj said...

Hiya, I am afraid we are doing a bit of a bah humbug this year as regards decorations....we may have a tree but it is not top of our list of priorities as not sure when my next work will be so it is a save the pennies situation again this year!!! I tend to use my laptop all the time poor desktop has sat languishing for a while now but cannot bring myself to part with it as it has so much stored on it and is uber-quick....trouble is it is in the conservatory and that is a bit chilly just lately!!! It has been very yuk here today, lots of rain, a little sleet but no snow! ttfn, love Joan

astoriasand said...

Well Joan it was a lovely morning here until about 1pm,I went out shopping once more.Then it has been rain rain rain.My son in USA flew to Las Vegas last night for the Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather fight .He rang me before he got on the plane.Come on RICKY Haaaaaaaaa.I do think that is awful the price you name to watch it on sky..We havn't got sky but partner will be watching Amir Khan tonight on ITV LOL.Afraid he too is a big boxing fan.It's good your laptop is fast.I couldn't be without my broadband now.Dial up is so slow I am told.I have always had braodband though.Well your early Christmas presents have been realy nice ones I must admit Joan,you have been very lucky.Santa must have known you had been a good girl LOL. I must get my tree out tomorrow I think too.Everyone here is all lit up and all the town too.Well have a lovely relaxing evening.I hope the dancing is exciting.I tape it and watch it Sunday.Take Care God Bless Kath

ally123130585918 said...

Joan glad you are enjoying your new laptop ~ you are right about them just repeating the films over and over ~ and some of them are so old ~ hope you manage to finish your Christmas shopping don't seem possible it is so near ~ Glad Stuart's shoulder is feeling a bit better hope it continues ~ I hope you have had a good day and enjoy "Dancing" tonight ~ Ally x

jlocorriere05 said...

I don't think I would have the patience to wait fifteen minutes to get online either! My PC signs me in within a couple of minutes. If I'm not in front of it it just signs itself on to AOL! I'm not bothering with decorations this year, seems not long after they've gone up that they have to come down again! Have a good weekend and keep warm. Jeannette xx  

edwardssoapy said...

I am glad you're getting on well with your new laptop.  It is much quicker than a desktop PC, isn't it?  I have not got the patience to wait fifteen minutes to get online.  My laptop signs me onto AOL in a matter of seconds.  

£14.95 seems rather a lot of money to spend on one T.V programme Joan.  Our household has a basic family package of Sky.  We do not have the Movie or Sports channels, but it is certainly better schedules than Analogue T.V.

Good luck with finishing your Christmas shopping.  I have finished all mine now.

All the best,
Leigh :o)"

jmoqueen said...

Why are your neighbours putting their lights up in the rain??  Surely they can't be that desperate??  LOL..............Glad you are still enjoying your laptop I'm very jealous.......I would love a laptop lol