Tuesday, 4 December 2007

What a day.


Good Afternoon, what a day it has been today heavy drizzle and dark all day. Yesterday was the very opposite cloudless blue skies very cold but lovely just the same. we did our usual trip to St Andrews and took some pictures to try out the new camera.  Living here in the wilds of Scotland we do not see many Celebes but yesterday while in St Andrews who should drive by but the very large Bobbie Coltain (Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies) it was Stuart that spotted the very large Lincoln American car just big enough for him. Did not get the chance to take a picture he was gone in a flash.
Today has been all go we had to go to Perth this morning to choose the new carpet to replace the one that had the flood on it then I had to go the the hospital to get new tubing on my  hearing aids so I can hear a dream again. Next off toTesco's the big one in Perth we usually just go to the normal size one its big enough for week to week but I was looking for one or two special items for Christmas.We had a bite to eat a chip butty naughty naughty but it went down a treat. We had that to sustain us during the shopping then home frozen and tired then remembered that I have an appointment at the surgery with the Hypertension clinic at 5-30 tonight so can't relax yet. I think that's about it for now looking forward to sitting down after tea and putting my feet up so to speak. Till next time. Love Joan.


sdrogerson said...

Robbie Coltraine - real name McMillan his father was my Dr as a child and he went to the same school as me ;l)

astoriasand said...

Stars in your eyes Joan and you missed getting a snap of him.LOL I like the superstore Tesco's I go to one in Beverley,but I am an Asda fan realy.We do not have one here so it has to be Tesco Morrisons or Somerfields.It has been such a nice mild day here today and I found myself going out once more .It was realy cold on the way back though.Brrrr.Is the shopping ever done I ask you ? Glad you managed to get your earing aid repaired.I know the feeling.Mine is broken though I do manage,I am on the waiting list still,but I wear a little poppit one that goes inside the ear.They are suffice so the hearing specialist tells me for my degree of deafness.Yet I find it so difficult to hear on the phone at times,and TV.I hope all goes well at the clinic this evening and enjoy toasting your toes when you return He-He.Take care God Bless Kath
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cayasm said...

Pity you did'nt get a picture of Robbie Coltraine, very cold down her also but not as cold where your are, I love chip butties but like you say very naughty.
hope all goes well at the clinic.
Have a good week

Take care


jeadie05 said...

I used to love to watch Robbie Coltrain in Cracker ,what a shame you didnt get a picture ,never mind ,your chip butty sounded nice and now and again some thing naughty is nice ...love Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

It has been an awful day here as well it was getting really dark by 3.30 and wet windy and raining ~ what a shame you missed getting a picture of Robbie Coltraine ~ glad you can hear well again after your visit to the hospital ~ hope your appointment went well at the clinic ~ Ally x

labdancer51 said...

The weather has been wet and miserable all day Joan, with more of the same forecast. It`s so depressing, give me a sharp frost and a bright sunny day anytime. I hope your appointment at the clinic went well.

Love Sandra xxxx

jmoqueen said...

It sounds like it's all go even when you retire then lol.........I won't put my hopes up by wishing for a break lol...Shame you didn't take a pic of Robbie Coltrain lol.  Oooo a chip butty hope you got on ok at the hypertension clinic xx



mariealicejoan said...

Oh yumm, I do love a chip buttie.  I haven't had one since we left Chester over four years ago now.  I am quite overdue!!!  I bet that Robbie Coltrain is a very large man!  Hope the hypertension clinic went well.  The weather down here is really horrible tis morning.  I reckon it must be like that all over today.  Nasty.
Have a great day!