Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Rainy Wednesday.


Good evening, had another really busy day, weather has been bad as I think it has been all over today. Have been busy typing all my labels for the  envelopes of our Christmas cards its a job I love doing every year which is just as well as the programme I use on the desktop does not save the project. This year I have done them in Word so hopefully they will be on my laptop next year I can just change the decoration.
We picked Ellen up from school today she is getting very excited as her Christmas concert at school is tomorrow night.  Looking forward to seeing her as she is a narrator.  Stuart and I will be out tomorrow night a great occasion for us as we don't go out much at night these days. Stuart is having a lot of bother with his shoulder again and has been in a lot of pain for the last few days am trying to get him to go see the Doctor but that is a hard job.  That's about it for today so until next time bye bye.




cayasm said...

Enjoy the school concert, if thats where your going!, hope Stuart gets his shoulder sorted

Take care


astoriasand said...

Hi Joan,
It's been quite a fair day here up to dinner nice and sunny then cloudy this afternoon,but getting very windy now.I too have been as busy as yourself I only got online at 7pm for a short time,then again at turned ten tonight.What a fantastic time you will have at the childrens Christmas Concert.Something I miss terribly with my Grandchildren.They have theres through the daytime about 3-30pm and I cannot drive ,so I cannot get 100 miles alone to go see them.I have to rely on video being taken if it is allowed.Then they send me one.Depends what mood the staff are in at the time.Sorry Stuart is having pain.Is it arthritis? I use voltarol cream for rubbing in mine.It's probably our ages Joan,all the aches and pains creep up on us don't they ? OUCH and the cold months do not help.grrrr.Ah well I hope you have a wonderful evening.Safe joureys to school and home.I don't like going out at night now.Take Care God Bless Kath

jeadie05 said...

Can I snag your 12 days of Christmas please .its lovely , how lovely going to see Ellen ,you will be so proud ,take the tissues Joan !Ihope you can get Stuart to the Doctors Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

love your graphic

does my live 24/7 station work for you?

mariealicejoan said...

I hope Stuarts shoulder gets better soon and that you both really enjoy the concert!

ally123130585918 said...

Joan I hope you manage to get Stuart to go to the Doctor's ~
I know you will enjoy Ellen's Christmas Concert ~ can just imagine how proud you are of her ~ Ally x

jmoqueen said...

Sorry to hear about Stuarts shoulder :(  Hope he gets to the doctor and gets it sorted xx  Good luck to Ellen, it must be a tough job to be a narrator, my brother did it when he was little ~ I was lucky if I was an angel LOL