Sunday, 9 April 2006

Thinking of Paris.



This morning Stuart was watching The Paris Marathon and it set me to thinking about a holiday I had 50 years ago. As you know my Mum and dad had a motor bike and sidecar and this was one of our holiday.  The runners this morning were running along The Bois De Boulogne and I remembered that is where were camping while we were in Paris.  Unfortunately while we visited the city I was unwell with badly swollen glands something that has bothered me all my life especially on holiday it must be the change of water and i still get it till this day. I was trying to remember what the camping site looked like was my memory was very vague it was not till Stuart said that was 50years ago that I saw the reason for my bad recollection.  I can still remember gong up the Arc De Triomphe and dinning out. It was all so impressive in 1956 to a young girl.

       Have been very busy today getting started in the garden Stuart got all the spring pruning finished that i stated yesterday. I managed to get all the patio furniture steam cleaned so we can sit on it again as it has to stay out all winter due to lack of space.  We even managed a coffee sitting outside in the sun the first of the season a bit later than usual. Better go now and get tidied up as I still have seeds I want to get started on the windowsill. Have a lovely day. Bye and love,  


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aniracj said...

I went to Paris aged 17 (almost 35 years ago!!) and was that homesick I hardly went outside the hotel room I was in, lol!! I did venture to the Monte Matre area and visited the the Sacre Couer; also did some shopping of some pieces of art in the market, also went to the palace of Versaille and again bought a painting of Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon. I missed out on a lot I know, but I was very shy and naive in those days!!

msecz said...

I have my patio furniture out side now too but its still too cold to sit on it... this coming week should be better I think. Enjoy your patio and I will mine too. Sandra

jeadie05 said...

Lovely entry dear ,You have done well getting the garden furniture out and cleaned ,,coffee in the garden hope its the first of many ........Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

What lovely memories of Paris ~ sounds like you are getting on well in the garden ~ Ally

jacksj989 said...

Hi there,

Lovely to hear of all the good old times. Although I was sorry to hear that you were and still have problems with your glands.


jlocorriere05 said...

I've never been to Paris, must put it on my list! Glad you managed to sit outside today. We had a lovely sunny morning and afternoon but now it's cold and windy again. Have a good week. Jeannette.  

labdancer51 said...

Hi Joan,  I`ve not been to Paris since I was 14 but I loved the city, even though I was only there briefly.  What a lovely way to travel,  it must have been fun in a sidecar. :o)

Sandra xxxx

haileen2003 said...

Hello! Joan
My Son lives in France...but we never got to Paris  ... a long way from Hambers
My Mum and Dad had a 'Bicycle' with sidecar. and I remember going in that (lol)
Many moons ago though...but not abroad ever.
Great that you can sit out...we had Snow today!
I'ved managed some Garden Pictures...go take a look

jmoqueen said...

Shame you had swollen glands but you seem to remember quite a bit which is good :-)  Glad you managed to get a cup of coffee out in the sunshine.