Wednesday, 9 August 2006


All my own work.

Hi not having the best of weeks feeling very tense so that's why I have been so quiet but hopefully it will be better soon.  Monday we were up in Perth  not our normal day but as we wanted to go to the Tay estuary on Wednesday we had to change it because of the tide. If you don't get there at the right time it is a waste. Yesterday we had Ellen for the day.  I had booked a telephone appointment with the doctor to discuss new pills she had given me, my appointment was for 11-30 am sat and waited till 12-30 and I phoned surgery to be told I had missed my appointment at 11-30.  the receptionist had booked me for an ordinary appointment not a phone one so that was the morning gone and we did not get out.  We had lunch and then went to Vane Farm the local RSPB reserve and had a walk, ice cream for Ellen and coffee for us.  While we were walking there is a tunnel under the main road and at last I have taken a good picture of birds instead of having to borrow.  In the tunnel a shelf has been erected and the swallows are nesting on it I think you will be able to see all the heads sticking out of the nest. There is also three nest at the entrance to the toilets all under cover so they will have been nice and cosy and dry.  Today after an early appointment at the dentist for me just of a clean and polish, we headed for the Tay Estuary and had a grand day even although the wind was about blowing us over.  So now its time for tea and a lazy evening. Bye for now  Love




ally123130585918 said...

Joan I love that picture of the swallows ~ awww just look at those little heads poking out ~ hope you have been able to get that appointment again to discuss your tablets with your Doctor ~ silly receptionist getting your telephone appt. muddled with a visit ~ Ally

jlocorriere05 said...

Oops! This entry's in duplicate, I've already commented on the it! Jeannette xx  

haileen2003 said...

Hi! Joan...hope you are feeling a little better tonight.
Well done on the Swallow picture!
Allan has given up on his Holiday in Scotland, due to the Weather?He's heading for the Lakes today...but it is so busy with the School Hols, and he does like to get away from it all.
Take care my Friend

love2sing2007 said...

I hope you're week relaxes itself.  It's no fun being tense.

Bird pictures are some of my favourite.  I've always wanted to get a picture of Canadian Geese flying over in the fall, but never had the chance.

astra1547 said...

best wishes...