Saturday, 19 August 2006

This and that and Art Work

I have sat down here to write this entry and I have no idea what I am going to write about.  Have just returned for a good long walk and am very hot as it very warm and humid today here in Perthshire.  We did had very heavy rain last night follow by thick fog this morning but by 10am the sun was out and it has been a lovely day.
Stuart was busy up here on the PC last night so I was a fool and watched the Big Brother final. What can I say, I usually enjoy the show but this year I just could not? Any time I put the live broadcasts on all I ever heard was birds singing and planes taking off so after about 15 minutes I would switch over to something else, not that's there is very much on just now. I am one of the few that does not like the X factor so that and Maria and that's my saturday evening up the spout for the foreseeable future.  One thing I am enjoying just now is Blizzard Race to the Pole on BBC2 have found that quite interesting. Bring back The West Wing such a pity that finished but all good thing must come to an end (Being repeated from the start on E4more 8 o'clock on Sunday for anybody that missed it and the regretted it) & Desperate Housewives but I suppose that will not be till after the New Year. My family are away this weekend to Aviemore but the weather is not great for a weekend mountain biking according to the forecast. R has a tow a long for Ellen and L has here own bike so they have a great time on the tracks up there. The art work was what Stuart did at His art workshop yesterday it is the first time he has used pen and ink so its not a bad effort for a first attempt. Well, I think i have waffled of long enough about absolutely nothing so I had better go and make the tea.  Have a good evening. Love




jeanno43 said...

I love the flowers, the other picture makes my eyes go all funny.  Saturday night has to be the worst of the week so I save my Amazon rental DVD's for Saturday night and watch them.


ally123130585918 said...

Isnt Stuart clever that is a lovely pen and Ink drawing ~ the other graphic made me go boss eyed lol ~ glad you have had a nice Sunny day and enjoyed your walk ~ I didn't watch big brother although I did see Stuarts video of Nikki !!!! giving a crying interview I wanted to stick a soother in her mouth talk about ham acting ~ lol ~ Hope the family get some nice weather for their weekend to Aviemore ~ Ally

sdrogerson said...



sdrogerson said...

well for someone who didn't know what to right that's an excellent entry

jlocorriere05 said...

I loved Stuarts flowers, the other graphic swirls arounfd when you scroll! I'm glad it turned out nice for you today, we had a fairly warm day too. Jeannette xx  

jeadie05 said...

Ilove Stuarts art work ,and your graphic is differant Joan ,take care .......Jan xx