Monday, 12 September 2005

Autumn is coming quickly

Hello J-land, just been out hanging out the rest of my washing and low and behold a Robin singing thats a sure sign that Autumn is on the way.  Waiting on the grass drying so we can get it cut we have had a very heavy due last night and the grass is soaking wet even at this time and it is a lovely day here not a cloud in the sky.  Its time I went and made some lunch I think we will have our favourite toasties today. Speak to you later. Joan. 


sarajanesmiles said...

Which reminds me I still haven't had breakfast yet!!
Toasties, yum yum :o)
Sara   x

jeanno43 said...

Have no attempted to do any washing, it would just hang there and not dry, too damp and murky here.  Nothing like the song of a Robin.  We only see one rarely but I love them.  I just had an all day breakfast yum.

abatwingedangel said...

Robins are wonderful birds, they're so friendly :)
Dad's just cut our grass, I hope yours dries out so you can cut it too.
Doesn't freshly mown grass smell wonderful?