Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Not one of my favourite things

I'm off to the dreaded dentist this afternoon.  Its just a check up and a descale and polish I go every 3 months for the cleaning and see the dentist ever other time.   I hate going and do get anxious. I had bad experiances when I was at primary school and have never forgotten it.  It got so bad that I used to miss my appointments because I was in the loo.   Things have come on a lot since then but I still hate the dentist.   I supose I should be grateful to have one but I do take a bit of convincing.     Have managed to post the pictures I promised from the weekend.  Just trying to outdo Sara's elephants. Speak to you when I get back if I'm able.   Joan.


jeanno43 said...

Good luck with the dentist.  I had two horrifying experiences at school as well that put me off for life.  Lovely pictures, I love those Aberdeen Angus cattle.

sarajanesmiles said...

Hope your dentist appointment went well.
(Shivers at thought of dentist!)
I like your wooly cows, mooo!  Lol, they outdo my elephants, because they are real :o)
Sara   x