Thursday, 1 September 2005

Busy Day.

Good evening J-land am a bit late tonight as I have been shopping on Ebay.  Were out today pricing PC games that hubby fancied, but did not like the prices so we came home and tried Ebay and managed to get Scrabble and Chess for a fraction of the price so I am feeling rather pleased with myself.   Thursday is always busy as we go up to Perth for the weekly shop, after we have had a browse rounds the non food shops.  Hate food shopping, worked in a supermarket for too many years.

     The pictures tonight are both of Perth one is The River Tay and the other is some nice garden by the river.  

     We we lucky up here we did not have the thunder storm you shared down south last night.  Been a lovely day here today with a nice breeze to keep you cool, I love that as I am always too hot . Will say goodnight now and have another hot night no doubt  Night night all and God Bless.


aniracj said...

love the pics, Joan; we will get up there again soon - we miss the countryside and the Tay is so lovely! In fact the whole of Perthshire is lovely!!!

abatwingedangel said...

Hooray for ebay! Glad you got some bargains. :)
Like the pictures, such beauty..

jeanno43 said...

Lovely pictures. Perth seems an attractive city, some of my ancestors came from around there.  We had no thunder nor rain last night, we must be among the few in the south who escaped it.

sarajanesmiles said...

Beautiful pictures :o)
I have the PC Scrabble game too, haven't played it in sooo long!
Maybe it's time to dust it off and have another Scrabble phase!!
Sara   x