Friday, 23 September 2005

Technical Mishap

Hello everybody, due to tchnical problems (PC crashing) have been unable to communicate with you since last Sunday.  Just got our PC back just now and have had to reload everything including our AOL Broadband connection but we are up and running again thank goodness. What a long week it has been I've been really fedup and lost for something to do.  I did not realised I used the PC quite so much.  Have got a lot of catching up to do and a lot of reading even I had 43 alerts and emails.  Will get back to you soon.  Missed you all Love Joan.


abatwingedangel said...

Nice to see you back Joan, I'd been wondering if you were ok.
Glad the computer is up and running again now :)

sarajanesmiles said...

Good to have you back m'dear :o)
I think I would go out of my mind without my computer, I'm glad yours is up and running again.  Now you will overdose on it for a day or so, lol ;o)
Sara   x

aniracj said...

I missed you!!! Glad you are back, love Joan

jeanno43 said...

You have been missed, so glad you are back.  Oh, I only I could get just 43 emails somedays.  Mine are usually around the 150 mark and I missed on day and there were almost three hundred items in normal and in spam!  catch up when you can.