Wednesday, 14 September 2005


Just popped back to say goodnight.. I am waiting to go downstairs because hubby is watching the art program that is on BBC2 at teatime.  We tape it because six o'clock is  not a very good time for something like that for us.  Been playing Mahjong again.  It was a free trial and I got cut off with just 4 tiles left very annoying will have a look for one tomorrow as I really enjoy playing.   Hope you are all well this evening and have had a good day.  Goodnight and god Bless.  Joan.


jeanno43 said...

You ought to try Pogo, they have many games on there and I know they have Mahjong on there.  You simply register.  I do not know how to play myself but I do play lots of word games on there like Wordwhomp, Tumblebees, Wordsearch. I also do jigsaws on there and blackjack and solitaire. Well, just so many games.  I am on there most days.

sarajanesmiles said...

Hope you found your Mahjong :o)
Sara   x