Thursday, 15 September 2005

Bargain of the day.

Good Evening, J-land, have been out all day as we usually are on Thursday.  Had a really good day.. Hubby is  ecstatic he got the bargain of a lifetime he says.   You maybe remember we were trying to replace some of our favourite records into CD's but it is either difficult or expensive.  Today in the Heart Charity shop Hubby found Fleetwood's Rumours which we hade priced in Virgin @ £16-99. Heart Shop price £1-99 and was he not delighted am sure it made his week if not year. Quick stop for sone chocolate raisins and some coffee.  I think our original copy of this went with our son when he left home, all our good records seem to have vanished about that time.  The one thing I don't like about new technology is that you have to replace all your favourites and it can be very costly to do this.   We managed to get some petrol today so we should be OK now, we were running low and were very glad to get some.  The girl in the garage said it seemed to be a bit quieter today, she had had a delivery yesterday but was getting low again.  Enough said, but we were lucky and the petrol cost us 92.4p per which I think was pretty good nowadays not the 4/5p per GALLON it was when we got our first car.  Oh that was a long time ago.   Goodnight all .Joan.


jeanno43 said...

Nice when you get a bargain like that.  I agree about the technology. We have amassed quite a video collection over the years but as they say videos will be going out because of DVD and probably newer versions of that, we are trying to replace everything little by little.  As for music, I have not bothered much replacing that, I have stacks anyway.  To think I used to have a wind-up gramaphone and we had a rented radio!

aniracj said...

Excellent album, worn 2 copies out and now have it on vinyl and cd!!!! Holds record for longest time in album chart!

sarajanesmiles said...

What a bargain!
That's the only problem with new technology isn't it, you have to replace everything you've already got.  I seem to remember my Dad losing some of his favourite albums when I moved out to ;o)
Sara   x