Sunday, 25 September 2005

Sunday Musings.

Good evening all, don't have much to share today as we had been a bit lazy.  We did venture out late this afternoon for a walk round our local park which happens to be on a Lochside so it is very beautiful with plenty of wildlife.  There is an old graveyard down there and some of the gravestones date back to 1650ish so we had a wee browse round there as well.  There is even wildlife in there as we saw a Grey Squirrel but as per usual I had forgotten my camera. The park was very busy with all the people out for walkies with there dogs. I have been looking around the game sites and ebay for a Mahjong game to buy as the one I was playing on Pogo is not working it will not give me a score or let me move up any more since the crash and I don't know how to fix it. Any ideas would be greatly received on how to fix it or which one to buy.   Its just about time for Corrie so i will close now wishing you goodnight and Godbless. Joan.


jeanno43 said...

I used to love wandering around old graveyards and reading or trying to read the inscriptions, both nothing like that around here, they are all pretty modern so I used to do it on holiday.  I have no idea how to fix Mahjong, wish I could help.

abatwingedangel said...

I don't understand why people are scared of graveyards, they're so peaceful and interesting.
Sounds like you had a lovely afternoon, what a shame you forgot your camera!
I was shocked to see motor racing on when we turned onto ITV for Corrie at half 7 but thank goodness it hadn't been cancelled, just put back a little.