Monday, 5 September 2005

Testing page width

I know that I have written my entry for today but am trying out what has been suggested to help make my page narrower.Don't know what I am going to say I just have to waffle on about not very much .The music I am lictening to is Rod Stewart   Stardust Album 111.  He plays a lot of the old standard songs and it is very relaxing and nostalgic.I first saw him performing these songs about Christmas I think it was on the telly and I thought it was great then. I have only had the album for a few weeks hubby bought it for me as a wee pressie.Well I think that will be enough words to see if it is any better. Goodnight all that has got down this length.                  Joan

1 comment:

sarajanesmiles said...

Ooh, I love Rod Stewart :o)
Well, I don't LOVE him, but I do have his best of album, and I do LOVE that!!
Sara   x