Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Our First Million.

Good evening J-Land, This is a very happy bunny writing this tonight. Hubby and I made our first million today sorry not pounds but Bookworm Points. We are so pleased.  It has taken a good few hours to do as players of the game will know but we just save it and come back the next time we have a spare hour.  I have put in the pictures to show you as I can hardly believe it myself. Stuart (Hubby) has just bought Chess and Scrabble for the PC (from Ebay ) so I have to form an orderly queue to get computer time now, it just won't do. I'll have to either get myself a notebook to log in for computer time or get a new computer.   I will be OK tonight though Scotland are playing football on the telly so that will keep him busy then it will be England next so I will have the whole evening. Today has been very dull and overcast and now the rain has just come on.  Tomorrow the car goes in for a wee repair to the body so am just wondering what car we will have for the next few days.   Can't believe tomorrow is Thursday already what a quick week this has been even with all my flustrations.  Well I think that it for today going now to read your journals Goodnight and Godbless    

 Sorry no paragraphs.                                                          Joan.


jeanno43 said...

Wow, well done!  I love Bookworm, I used to spend hours and hours playing before I go so involved in journals.  Thank you for posting. I bought my bookworm from the Pogo site and I just love their tumblebees word game and the wordwhomp word game as well.

abatwingedangel said...

Well done on making your first million! Is bookworm an online game then? I've heard it mentioned before but I've never played it.
Goodnight Joan, hope you are having sweet dreams :)

sarajanesmiles said...

Well done you and your hubby Stuart :o)
You get a real sense of achievement when you get a high score don't you, lol!!
It's really not on when our other halfs want to take over the computer!
Sara   x