Saturday, 17 September 2005


Good morning all just popped in to greet you.  Had a laugh this morning when I put up my weather pixie she had on a furry lined coat so it must be cold out there.  Thats the first time i have seen here like that. As you know I am a new member on the team so I picked up the weather pixie from you along with playing games on line and many other things which i am very grateful.  I don't know what I did with myself before Journals.  All I need now is for one of you to come and visit me and show me how to do pictures in the text before I go completely mad.  Lots of love and thanks again Joan.


jeanno43 said...

I would be more than happy to help you with pictures, just let me know.  Well, it is sunny here right now but with a chill to the air.

aniracj said...

Me too!!! lol!

sarajanesmiles said...

I know what you mean about journals, I would be lost without mine, and being able to read everyone else's.  When we first got our computer, just over a year ago, we did wonder if we would really use it that much, and now I'm sure I could easily spend the whole day here, every day, if I didn't stop myself!!  I see that Jeannette has offered to help with putting photo's in amongst the text, so hopefully you won't have to go completely mad, lol ;o)
Sara   x