Friday, 9 September 2005

Fickle weather

Talk about fickle weather, it has been lovely all week but we get to Friday when everybody comes off for  the weekend and what happens rain, and cold to go with it, believe it or not we have had to put our heating on today.  There is an easterly blowing and it has turned very cold and will stay like that until the wind goes round to a more mild direction.  We went out this morning to our Local RSPB bird Reserve to see what was about (A birding term)  The Geese have started to arrive back this week from the Actic and the duck numbers have started to improve.  We have thousands of geese here all winter and it is lovely to hear them going over the garden in the morning  going out ,and then in the evening coming back to roost again.  We are very lucky with the bird reserve here its all heated and there is a small cafe as well so it is nice a cosy for the winter.  There are outdoor hides as well but on a cold day the "Observation Room" is best .  Like everyone else I would like to wish Jeanette a Happy Birthday.  Will close now as my tummy is rumbling Bye for now and take care.            Joan. 


aniracj said...

Think my ducks would be at home there, they are whinging that my garden is boring!!!!!

sarajanesmiles said...

Wish we could have some of your colder weather, I'm ready for winter!!
Put some in email for me please ;o)
Sara   x