Friday, 30 September 2005

Joan's Morning.

As you may know by now  Friday is the day  I  have the morning to myself and i am supposed to get on with things but a certain  J-lander mentioned a addictive game last night  so i had to give it  a try this morning.  What a great game i got really hooked in the short trial  I downloaded ,was very disappointed when it cut me off.  I think I will have to  put it on my wish list as I have a wedding anniversary and a birthday  not to mention Christmas.  Have bought Luxor and Mahjong Quest from Ebay  great prices there but they do not have this game yet.  Well I better go and pretend I have been very busy Ha Ha. lol. by the way the game is called Hexalot have a look its great.  Love Joan.


aniracj said...

Hi Joan, glad you like it, it is so addictive once you have got the full version!!! I don't normally play for the length of time that I did but I also went back on after my journal entry finally gave in at midnight'ish!!!!

jeanno43 said...

Got me wondering what it is now. Bookworm perhaps?  Games are very addictive but a great way to relax.