Tuesday, 13 September 2005

The Car Part 2

Good Evening J-land, feeling much better this evening .  Not been struggling with the PC this afternoon I have been playing Mahjong which I found very therapeutic.  Well the car is back home again after its wee adventure to the garage everything is fine again and it is looking much better and hubby is a much better mood.The wee adventure was his fault (thank goodness it was not mine).  I have put up a picture of the carThis was not taken today as it has been raining all day not   picture  taking weather.This was taken when we were awa in early Spring Pictures were taken on Sunday past when were were up at Kinordy another RSPB reserve.  It is near Kiriemuir (birth place of J M Barrie).   We had a lovely day away to see what we birders call a lifer, that is a bird we have not seen before. We were lucky to see it but it was distant and some of bird watching equipment had been lelt in our car so I did not have my Telescope as my tripod was the missing one.  We would have emptied the car but we were not expecting to be away last weekend.  Well I will close now and I try with the pictures again later. Goodnight all Joan.


jeanno43 said...

I like watching birds in the garden but I have never been a bird watcher or twitcher out in the field.  Must be great to see a rare bird.

sarajanesmiles said...

I've heard that there's a problem with File Manager at the moment Joan, that may be why you couldn't get your pics in yesterday.  Hopefully it will be sorted out in a day or so.  I've never played majong, is it good??  
Sara   x

aniracj said...

I play Mahjong to unwind as well, loads of variations as well!!!!